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Bridal trends

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Business Savvy
Taylor Dizor

What’s New At Stuller: Showroom Upgrades Edition

The most anticipated and attended jewelry industry trade show in North America has finally arrived — JCK Las Vegas. Team Stuller has been hard at work making sure we have the latest and greatest for any jeweler looking to breathe fresh life into their showroom. Whether you will see us at the show or not, we are going to give you a sneak peek at these new items we are dying to share with you. Shop them in person on June 2-5, 2023, at our booths (#13089 and #54057) or 24/7 on

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Inspiration & Trends
Megan Tran

Stuller Trend Report: Spring 2023 Edition

What are today’s jewelry buyers looking for? This is a perpetual question asked by retailers and designers alike as we try to satisfy the needs of our consumers. Today’s trends are often a good indicator of the direction we should head. But which trends should we follow and how can we avoid trends that will disappear quickly? With some solid research, I have noticed there are certain trends out there that stand apart from the rest.

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Emily Graffagnino

Love, Reimagined: Valentine’s Day 2023

With February just around the corner, the season of love is quickly approaching — and so are shoppers. This year, we take a closer look at inspiration for gifts that encourage and celebrate the unbound possibility of love rediscovered, redefined, and reimagined.

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Inspiration & Trends
Alia Stelly

What’s New in Bridal?

I think most of us began 2020 thinking it would follow the general pattern of prior years. We had no idea that we would face

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