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Birthstone Roses
Macy Bennett

Birthstone Roses Trimmed in 24-Karat Gold

At Stuller, we’ve combined the extraordinary beauty of roses along with the twelve traditional birthstone colors. Each of our signature birthstone roses are a work of art, lovingly handcrafted by our artisans over several months from real roses grown in the mountains of Northern Thailand.

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Sell with a Story October 2020
Diamonds & Gemstones
Sam Larson

Sell With a Story: Black Opal

A sunset, tropical waters, watercolor paintings, Holi color clouds, the galaxy. You might be asking, “What do these have in common?” If you have ever

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Spinel Gemstone Jewelry
Business Savvy
Sam Larson

Sell With a Story: Spinel Gemstones

GIA has said “Spinel is a good candidate for the title of ‘History’s Most Underappreciated Gem.’” And it could not be truer. Throughout history, Spinel

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