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5 Stylish 2019 Jewelry Trends to Ignite Your Sales and Selection

These up-and-coming styles are set to fly off the shelves this year

We’re always on the hunt for the next big thing. That’s why Stuller’s style experts spend the entire year scouting what’s around the bend in the world of jewelry. Then, as soon as we uncover the latest jewelry trends, we pass them right on to you. The styles shown below read more…

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4 Ways to Wear This Season’s Sharpest Geometric Jewelry Trends

Learn how adding a few angles and edges will shape up any jewelry wardrobe

A few months ago, trendspotters here at Stuller noticed geometric jewelry trends were soaring in popularity. We even named geometric engagement designs as a top unique engagement ring trend in 2018. This may not come as breaking news, however. You’ve probably had customers requesting geometric jewelry for quite some time now. What’s more compelling, read more…