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Diamonds & Gemstones
Emily Graffagnino

Sell With a Story: February Birthstone Guide

Vivid and vivacious, Amethyst is a captivating gemstone that graces those born in the month of February with its rich hues. While fairly common for a gemstone, it is well-loved and possesses a strong legacy within the jewelry world. The versatility and meaning of Amethyst make it a brilliant choice not only for those celebrating a February birthday, but for all those who love color and beauty.

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lucky gemstones
Sell With A Story
Heather Fontenot

Sell With a Story: Lucky Gemstones

Are your customers feeling the luck of the Irish? As St. Patrick’s Day gets ever closer, let’s get in the spirit by talking about the special meanings behind gemstones that gives them a little luck. Throughout history, gemstones have always carried significance to the wearer. Some are believed to provide protection while others inspire lasting love. Many believe birthstones and zodiac gemstones bring luck, confidence, power, and prosperity to the wearer.

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Sell with a story Ametrine Blog Header
Diamonds & Gemstones
Elizabeth Raffel

Sell With a Story: Ametrine

Quartz is one of the earth’s most common minerals, and ametrine is a quartz gem, like the amethyst and citrine that combine to create it.

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