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Instagram Algorithm Decoded Blog Header

Instagram Algorithm Decoded: How Instagram Prioritizes Content

Understanding Instagram's algorithm and how to use it to your advantage

Once upon a time, Instagram (and all other social channels, for that matter) showed you content from the accounts you followed in reverse chronological order. Those were the good old days, am I right? Wrong! Do you know how hard it was for potential customers to find you on social before read more…

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How Jim Leeds Uses CounterSketch For Success

See how this accomplished CAD designer and salesperson uses this powerful software

Jim Leeds’ Journey with Jack Lewis Jewelers After working at the same retail store for years, I started a career with Jack Lewis Jewelers. I began strictly making sales. Then, after a year, I transitioned into a new role as a custom jewelry designer. For the last five years, I’ve read more…

A “Real is Rare” Reaction

Thoughts on the DPA's contemporary diamond campaign

The Diamond Producers Association, or DPA, represents a union of the world’s leading diamond distributors. “Our mission is to protect and promote the integrity and reputation of diamonds – and to celebrate them – in all shapes, colors, and sizes,” says the DPA. Their newest campaign, titled Real is Rare. read more…