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diamond grading report
Diamonds & Gemstones
Heather Fontenot

The Essentials of Diamonds With Grading Reports

What is the most valuable asset in the jewelry industry? I’ll give you a hint. It doesn’t sparkle and it can’t even be bought. The answer is trust and reliability. Given today’s competitive retail landscape, this is paramount for jewelers looking to build lasting relationships with customers. 


As purveyors and sellers of precious stones and beautiful jewelry that can carry a lot of significance, offering products that come with a guarantee of quality is a necessity. One of the most effective ways to do this is by selling diamonds with a grading report. 

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what is diamond cut
Diamonds & Gemstones
Olivia Billet

What You Need to Know About Diamond Cut

One of the most popular gemstones throughout history is the diamond. Durable, optically pleasing, and possessing a unique heirloom quality, diamonds are highly prized. According to the 2021 Jewelry & Engagement Study by The Knot, 86% of engagement rings contain a diamond center stone. Convincing a consumer of the appeal of a diamond is not particularly difficult. The bigger challenge comes in educating them on what contributes to their diamond’s quality and overall value.

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Morgan Boudreaux

Sell With a Story: The Best of 2022

Facebook Twitter Linkedin This year has been filled with everything that sparkles, shimmers, and shines! We have covered trends, expanded our inventory, and shared many

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