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Revel in Color with Swarovski Rainbow Gemstones

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Embracing a new era of strongly colored stones

We all feel strongly about color. In fact, multiple studies show certain colors spark emotions and represent distinct values. Consider this: when seasons change, so does our mood. We’re instinctively attracted to colors that make us feel good!

Colorful Culture & Fashion

So, of course, jewelry designers follow color’s influence and use it to a remarkable effect. How they use color — and the way they assemble colors in their design concepts — reflects current trends, seasons, their own distinct hallmarks, the revival of a particular event, or even the launch of an entirely new idea.

Today, cultural and fashion influences are global. Statement colors appeal to those who desire to stand out in the crowd. Designers are inspired to go beyond conventional choices and experiment with new color combinations. The art in this creative process is a balanced medium between experimentation and originality. And this bold new concept is increasingly achieved using stronger rainbow colors.

Swarovski Rainbow Gemstones Colorful Jewelry

The Spectrum of Swarovski Topaz

Rainbows are always something that makes us happy, and now the trend beckons for bolder hues. These vivid colors warm the spirit and the mood, especially with winter fast approaching in the northern hemisphere. Strong colors like Blazing Red, Poppy, Honey, Rainforest, Violac, Kashmir, Paraiba and Ice Blue from the Swarovski Genuine Topaz collection are ideal choices for designers who make statement jewelry for the increasingly vocal and confident woman.

Swarovski produces this color palette using its own patented Thermal Color Fusion (TCF™) surface enhancement solution. The radiation-free process transforms clear, natural topaz into remarkable Swarovski rainbow gemstones with shades that are continuously expanded alongside current trends. Swarovski’s Genuine Topaz palette of TCF™ colors reflect those rainbow-colored gemstones. And luckily, they have the color consistencies that eliminate expensive sorting. These colors invite designers to express their creativity in vivid blocks of color or gradations, through dominant hero stones, subtle, or even audacious multiple stone settings.

Swarovski Rainbow Gemstones Topaz

There are Many Ways to Wear

These richer shades also capture the zeitgeist as they suit the forthright character of the modern woman. They are a natural choice for contemporary statement jewelry designs that incorporate surprising contrasts. Try open silhouettes and sculptural shapes with striking splashes of color that spring to light through stacked and interlinking sections. Or, try using one distinct shade, then reproducing it in multiple textural surfaces nestled into an unusual base metal setting. Designers may also combine colors randomly to interesting effect or arrange varying stone shapes and cuts to create appealing and very unique pieces. The possibilities are endless with Swarovski rainbow gemstones.

The current desire for confidence and originality is mirrored by fashion and jewelry designs. We see bold displays of color sparkling on the runways of recent Fashion Weeks as prominent designers show a preference for more vibrant colors. This latest burst of design creativity seems to indicate that color choice is now set to suit those who wish to stand out in a crowd. Color, it seems, appeals to those who enjoy being noticed.


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