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Can We Improve On What Nature Creates?

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Swarovski Genuine Topaz – Enhancing Brightness, Fire and Color

Discover How Swarovski Genuine Topaz is Enhanced Through a Proprietary TCF™ Process


Swarovski Genuine Topaz Colorful GemstonesLet’s talk topaz, a stone treasured through the ages and in the early days of discovery, often mistaken for a diamond. In fact, in the late 18th century the “Braganza Diamond,” a massive 1650ct topaz, found its way from the mines of Brazil into the Portuguese crown jewels. It’s easy to understand why. Pure topaz is an extremely hard, colorless gemstone — a transparent silicate of aluminum and fluorine. Natural colored versions result from impurities in its composition. We asked ourselves: Can we improve on nature’s creation?

At Swarovski Gemstones, we applied more than 120 years of precision cutting to December’s popular birthstone. The result eclipsed the market standard, achieving new heights of brilliance and fire. The independent Fraunhofer Society, Europe’s largest applied research institution, tested our Round Natural Brilliance Cut Topaz. The results revealed astonishingly improved levels of brightness and fire in melee white when compared to the standard Round Star Cut.

As psychological and even biological studies show, color plays a huge role in enhancing our emotions. It sparks everything from passion and sensuality to harmony, balance, and spirituality. Color has a fundamental role in the history of our family company, acting as a catalyst for creation. That’s why our patented TCF™ Thermal Color Fusion process allows us to present Natural Brilliance Cut Topaz in a dazzling range of colors. TCF™ comes from our passion for innovation at the heart of Swarovski’s values since 1895. This passion flowed naturally into the Swarovski Gemstones Business on its formation in 1965.

Swarovski Genuine Topaz Warm Colors Gemstones

We can now take our Swarovski Genuine Topaz, dramatically enhanced in brightness and fire, and apply our patented TCF™, which has unique qualities that make our stones stand out against all rival products. First, we don’t use radiation in the process, so it is environmentally and consumer friendly. And second, this unique coloration process enhances the gem’s surface by applying a hard ceramic layer to the stone’s pavilion. This is good for the jewelry designer and the consumer. This ceramic layer is resistant and permanent. Following predetermined parameters, jewelers can effortlessly cast-in-place with topaz stones that also withstand cleaning methods like ultrasonic, magnetic pin and acid baths.

Swarovski Genuine Topaz Peachy Colors Gemstones

Swarovski Genuine Topaz treated with TCF™ result in colors that closely match those of natural colored stones. And their high color saturation and consistency remain constant regardless of quantity, size and shape ordered. These plus factors boost today’s creative, busy designers. Whether in classic White, Ice Blue, Rainforest, Poppy, or passionate Blazing Red or emotional Violac, the range of colors produced by the TCF™ process present designers with a selection of shades ready to ignite the desire to create outstanding jewelry. And mindful of the need to stay at the forefront of trends, Swarovski Genuine Topaz now also comes in Peachy Morganite and Greenish Blue Paraiba.

Swarovski Genuine Topaz Icy Cool Colors Gemstones

At Swarovski, we have an ongoing responsibility to our consumers, and to our company tradition of sustainability, to respect the environment, and above all, maintain strong human and social values. For us, this pledge rests on the standards we have practiced ever since our founder, Daniel Swarovski first broke ground for his factory in the beautiful Austrian Tyrol, back in 1895. And finally, in the days where jewelry aficionados show increasing concern about the origin of their jewels, we are pleased to say that the Topaz rough is sourced from a few, carefully selected mining partners so the traceable origin of our stones can be assured.

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For 122 years, Swarovski has been the lead producer of fine crystal products. But now you know they offer topaz too. Swarovski Genuine Topaz, cut and polished with precision, offers the iconic brilliance and fire that has made the brand a legacy. Visit for more.


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