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Swarovski Celebrates the 125th Company Anniversary

And marks the occasion with a kaleidoscope of colors and cuts

Objectively seen, life is always a kaleidoscope — a continually changing series of events, milestones, pleasures, and experiences that so resembles those colored cardboard tubes of delight, tucked into children’s Christmas stockings. The ones we hold up to the light, and twisted, only to be enthralled by the endless array of ever-changing colors and patterns. It is those unique moments, the ones that bring ever-changing colors and patterns unto our lives, that can also be those we celebrate as our special “jewelry moments”.

Swarovski is about to celebrate its 125th Anniversary in 2020. To mark the occasion, it has created a collection of cuts and ever-changing colors that pay homage to the company history and the fascinating turn of a kaleidoscope.


The new Swarovski Zirconia Vibrance Family represents a unique selection of cuts and colors poised to ignite creativity among jewelry designers, and delight the wearers of the pieces they create.

First, the Cut

Founder Daniel Swarovski’s own workbook provided the first inspiration for what was to become the Swarovski Zirconia “Daniel’s #125”. It was inspired by the 125th item in his own workbook, a sketch of an elegant, wide baguette cut for a crystal. The baguette cut is currently enjoying an enthusiastic revival in jewelry design. The clean lines of the rectangular stone made it particularly popular in the 1920s and 1930s because it was the ideal gem for art deco designs. It was also a stark contrast to the more traditional round cut stones, and it attracted the attention of women who wanted to be different and who were prepared to stand out in the crowd.

The Daniel’s #125 Swarovski Zirconia is a tribute to the visionary company founder, but also a nod to modernity. It is the perfect stone to interpret the sharply designed, architectural shapes in jewelry that make today’s independent woman stand out, just like their 1920s equivalent.

For something more traditional, the new anniversary cuts also include the Celebration Cut, a variant on the luxurious cushion cut, this time with 125 facets, one for each year of the company’s history.

Now, the Color

The new collection is also unique in terms of colors. Inspiration also came from the kaleidoscope, which, when turned, creates endless patterns generated by mirrors and pieces of colored glass. Our lives are also like that. Flashes of brilliance highlight moments that seem, at times, to be part of a grand design, and as our ‘personal kaleidoscope’ turns, everything can change in an instant, leaving us with a memory of something beautiful that was with us, just for a moment.

The Vibrance Colors, created using Swarovski’s patented TCF™ coloring process, are perfect to replicate the turn of the kaleidoscope. Each stone in the three-piece series is a unique blend of two colors — Red is combined with Orangey-Yellow, Purple with Aqua, and Spring Green with White.

These colors are available in three distinctive cuts. The Pentagon Star Cut, in particular, is set to play center stage in the emerging trends for jewelry in 2020 and beyond. With its sharp lines and distinctive shape, it is perfect for defining the graphic, architectural, and linear designs that will emerge in jewelry in the near future. The Pentagon Star Cut will also come into its own for striking color combinations and sharp contrasts.

Finally, the Effect

Each stone in the new Swarovski Zirconia Vibrance Family reflects light in new and unique ways. Colors blend, become pure, then blend yet again. The edges between the two colors are mysteriously blurred, and like the kaleidoscope, there is a continual play of changing light and color. Shapes appear to fuel imaginations, spark memories, and create dreams.

But the real magic of these fascinating stones is not only about the memories they stir, but also because they are perfect for designing jewelry to mark those treasured moments. Those destined to wear this jewelry will be drawn to reflect on the ever-changing colors and will also recall cherished moments in their own kaleidoscope of life.


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