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What to Wear on Summer Vacation

All you need to know – from packing to vacation wear

We all deserve a few days off! And with summer in full swing, it’s likely you’ve booked your trip and are already counting down the days. Though you may dread packing, time draws near to your relaxing getaway. Which vacation jewelry will you bring to compliment your sundresses, shorts, and sandals? Here are a few tips and suggestions on what to pack this summer–


  • Bring your less expensive jewelry. Leave your finest pieces at home and only pack jewelry that you could absolutely live without just in case something gets lost along the way — especially true if you have kids.
  • Speaking of misplaced belongings, be sure to pack your jewelry in your carry-on when taking flight. Checked luggage is more likely to get lost in the netherworld between flights, so keep your valuables nearby.
  • Try this jewelry roll for transporting your vacation jewelry. This nifty case rolls
    Vacation Jewelry Roll

    up nicely, keeping your valuables discreet and well-organized. And let’s face it, if all your jewelry doesn’t fit in this case, you’re not packing for vacation, you’re moving away – which isn’t a bad thing.

  • Pack funky pieces with eccentric flair. Vacations are all about escaping the norm, so adorn yourself with jazzy jewelry that allows you to be whoever you want when touring uncharted territory.
  • Wear lots of sunscreen. But beware, its oiliness may cause rings to slip right off your finger.


  • Again, don’t bring your most expensive jewelry or any piece you aren’t ultimately prepared to lose. You might want to leave your three carat engagement ring home and in its place, wear a simple silver band.
  • Don’t pack your vacation jewelry in Ziploc bags. Your jewelry needs to breathe in a cool, dry place that’s well ventilated. See the jewelry roll mentioned above.
  • Don’t wear your jewelry in the pool; Chlorine can damage jewelry. Even if you’re only sporting it poolside, be sure to thoroughly clean your adornments afterward and dry them well.
  • Salt and sand aren’t good for your jewelry, either. Sand is abrasive. It can degrade metal finishes and scratch softer gemstones. Also, salt corrodes jewelry, especially rose gold which contains copper alloy.
  • To be safe, remove your jewelry before hanging out near the water.



Whether you’re planning a trip abroad, to the beach, or just dreaming, here are a few pieces with vacation appeal.


Australian Opal

 Vacation Jewelry Sydney Australia

Vacation Jewelry Rose Opal Diamond Ring

Vacation Jewelry 14K Rose Opal Pendant

Tahitian Pearls

Vacation Jewelry Tahiti French Polynesia

Vacation Jewelry 14K White Round Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Vacation Jewelry 14K White Diamond Semi Ring Pearl


Tibetan Turquoise

Vacation Jewelry Tibet

Vacation Jewelry 14K Yellow Oval Accented Granulated Design

Vacation Jewelry Turquoise Beaded Ring


Chinese Nephrite Jade

Vacation Jewelry Chinese Pagoda

Vacation Jewelry Nephrite Jade Necklace

Vacation Jewelry 14K Yellow Cultured Pearl & Nephrite Jade Earrings


Indian Bangles

 Vacation Jewelry India

Vacation Jewelry Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Vacation Jewelry Sterling Silver Black Enamel Bangle Bracelet

Vacation Jewelry 14K Rose Bracelet

Where will you be traveling this summer? Let us know in the comments below. And for more gemstone jewelry, check out Gemstone Engagements for the Next Generation.


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