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Submit-a-Sketch: A Stuller Customization Solution

Learn how Stuller makes your customization projects easier through Submit-a-Sketch

Some of you have visited our facility here in Lafayette, Louisiana. The manufacturing plant alone measures one-third of a mile. Inside this massive structure, we have many large rooms/working areas, and one of these belongs to our CAD Team.

With low lights and quiet voices, the designers spread throughout the room work on their three computer screens. I like to think of our CAD room as an incubator for your business. Throughout the day, the team receives your designs in a variety of forms: a sketch, design file, resin or wax, or instructions to modify modified 3C design, and transform it into whatever you request, whether it’s complete manufacturing or a resin you can cast.

As custom design continues to drive the jewelry industry, it can power your growth. Our CAD/CAM Services help you achieve your goals. Customers have told us using these services is equal to adding several members to their team.


Submit-a-Sketch is one of our most popular options, continuing to grow at a remarkable pace. It lets you upload a sketch or image and, in two to five days, we get back to you with a render and quote for customer approval.

The beauty of it is, you work very closely with a CAD team member to achieve exactly what your customer wants. And once you receive your customer’s approval, we can handle the manufacturing with expert finishing, stone setting, and polishing, then send it to you ready for your customer.

Track Your Projects

When you submit your sketch or image, you can easily track its progress through our CAD/CAM process by going to the My Projects tab. Depending on what stage the project is at, you can resubmit it with an edit. Be sure to follow the resubmission by updating your designer at CAD/CAM’s direct line 800-527-5057.

Text Notifications

You can also organize your custom jobs and view quotes on your smartphone by signing up to get status updates by text. Go to your My Profile tab on the CAD/CAM page and update your preferences.

Your Customization Partners

For Submit-a-Sketch or any of our other services, the CAD/CAM team is here to help no matter the level you require — whether it’s designing, prototyping, casting, setting, or finishing. We work with you every step of the way, going back and forth until your vision becomes a reality.

From start to finish, you can trust in our expertise and quality.

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