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5 Stylish 2019 Jewelry Trends to Ignite Your Sales and Selection

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These up-and-coming styles are set to fly off the shelves this year

We’re always on the hunt for the next big thing. That’s why Stuller’s style experts spend the entire year scouting what’s around the bend in the world of jewelry. Then, as soon as we uncover the latest jewelry trends, we pass them right on to you. The styles shown below will nearly sell themselves. In fact, your only trouble will be keeping them in stock.


Here are five stylish 2019 jewelry trends to ignite your sales and selection during the springtime selling season.

Rainbow Jewelry

BTG 2019 Jewelry Trends Rainbow Trendlines

Why settle on one color when you can have them all? Rainbow trends are on the rise and we’re quite thrilled about it. From bright eternity bands to colorful statement necklaces, rainbow gemstones will light up any setting. Stock a spectrum of colors to showcase one of the frontrunning 2019 jewelry trends.

Art Deco-Inspired Jewelry

BTG 2019 Jewelry Trends Art Deco Inspired Trendlines

The Roaring Twenties gave rise to the glamorous and striking art deco style we’ve come to adore over the last few decades. Millennials especially love this style because it makes a bold statement that incorporates both past and present trends. Read more about why millennials are obsessed with vintage-inspired jewelry here.

Updated Halo-Style Jewelry

BTG 2019 Jewelry Trends Updated Halo Trendlines

Halo-style jewelry isn’t exactly the latest trend. Yet, we keep noticing new ways to exemplify this age-old design. For example, adding halos around gemstones or unique shapes like oval or marquise seems to appeal to today’s customers. In some cases, we’ve even seen colored stones, lab-grown diamonds, and moissanite melee thrown into these new halo styles.

Baguette Pendants & Bands

BTG 2019 Jewelry Trends Baguette Bands Trendlines

Do you think baguettes are old school? Think again. This year, these elongated beauties have come into their own by making fun and fashionable statements. Their versatile shapes can turn a delicate gold band into a treasured family heirloom or create vibrant starbursts around center stones for a captivating conversation starter.

Modern Pearl Jewelry

BTG 2019 Jewelry Trends Modern Pearl Trendlines

Pearls lend understated elegance to any wardrobe, but the latest 2019 jewelry trends suggest greater daring. Experiment with clustering pearls together for an eye-catching update on the classic strand. Or, choose a large pearl center stone for customers who seek luxury and elegance.

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