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Jewelry themes inspired by popular television series

Tonight tune into CBS at 9:00 pm CST for Stuller’s cameo appearance in NCIS: New Orleans!

Stuller old catalog television Stuller old catalog television This evening keep your eyes glued on NCIS: New Orleans for a glimpse of Stuller nostalgia. The agents are looking through old jewelry catalogs to track down a missing piece from a newly re-opened case. While there’s no guarantee you’ll recognize our catalogs, they’re included! Take the time to revel in our fifteen seconds of fame.

Whether you’re an avid television junkie or just an occasional viewer, you’re bound to notice the extravagant costume jewelry flaunted by actors on the telly. We’ve recently tuned in to identify which of our pieces match those on-screen creations. Here are a few styles similar to those seen on your favorite stars.

This Is Us – Crescent Moon Necklace

NBC’s family drama This Is Us chronicles the intricacies of raising a family, with many laughs and tears along the way. The critically acclaimed show has garnered two Golden Globe nominations for Best Supporting Actress. One of them is Mandy Moore. Her character receives a crescent moon necklace from her on-screen husband. “I’m never going to take it off,” she says. True to her word, she wears the necklace for the remainder of the season. Turns out, we offer an identical crescent necklace to continue the cosmic trend!

Scandal – Station Necklaces & Studs

Kerry Washington plays everyone’s favorite public relations maven in ABC’s hit series Scandal. Her character, Olivia Pope, is a fierce crisis manager who defuses the nation’s most dramatic political tensions. Her style has captured an audience of millions while her fashionable wardrobe has become iconic, spawning exclusive clothing lines and much excitement about what she’ll wear next week. Often paired with her sophisticated coats and blazers are long, dangling station necklaces and elegant studs.

Downton Abbey
– Vintage-Inspired Valuables

The constant fascination with English nobility continues with the acclaim of Downton Abbey. In fact, the show has become one of the most-watched drama series in the world. The characters are beautifully outfitted in early twentieth-century costume with sophisticated vintage jewelry to match. Below are a few of our favorite vintage-inspired pieces, with our entire collection found here.

Pretty Little Liars – Personalized Pendants

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars is the series that keeps on thrilling. The mysterious character dubbed “A” preys upon a group of girls in a plot thickened with twists, turns, and jaw-droppers. The show’s young characters sport dark colored clothing and trendy contemporary jewelry. To counter the series, defy anonymity with this personalized pendant to let everyone know who’s the real “A.”


The Bachelor – Roses & Rings

America’s favorite television reality The Bachelor is the one we all love to hate. Its mix of cringeworthy sappiness has kept viewers on a group date for over twenty seasons, with no end in sight. While a rose from the show’s main man only promises a temporary future, our lacquered roses are sure to send a stronger, more resounding “I love you.” And of course, our vast selection of engagement rings offers ideally customizable styles for whichever lucky lady is deemed “here for the right reasons.”

Let us know if you see one of our catalogs on NCIS: New Orleans. Also, tell us which television show features your favorite wardrobe and jewelry styles below!

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