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How to Create Stunning Jewelry Case Displays

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Allow your jewelry to take center stage amid a carefully crafted backdrop

At some point in your life, you’ve probably found yourself sitting in the audience of a play. Whether it’s a high school production of Bye Bye Birdie or Hamilton on Broadway, you could have been put off by the production’s awkward clunkiness or rapt in awe at the edge of your seat. Much has to do with the actors and the play, sure, but a great deal depends on the stage settings. Hours of meticulous planning goes into creating a spectacular backdrop that will transport onlookers into another world.

Think of your jewelry case displays in the same light. Your jewelry designs are the stars of the show and the reason people visit your store in the first place. But without proper staging, your products won’t adequately capture the spotlight. Take a few minutes to strategically arrange your cases to accentuate your jewelry and dazzle your visitors. Opt for an underlying theme to unify your product selection — whether celebrating the season, highlighting a color, or telling a visual story.

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Know your target audience

Imagine the story you want your jewelry to tell. How can you be an asset to customers in their quest for self-expression? With the next generation preparing for marriage, stay in-tune to what might strike a chord with customers. As a millennial, I find that older store-owners often ask what piques my interests. They know our age market will only grow in the next decade and aim to formulate a fresh perspective. So, the first step in creating effective jewelry displays is to know your target audience well. And while it may be challenging, try to strike a delicate balance of having both mass and unique appeal in your jewelry showcases.

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Set the stage with greenery

Try incorporating natural elements into your cases. It offers a suave juxtaposition to arrange gemstones set in polished metal against woody elements and rustic stone. And the best part — natural elements cost little to nothing. From river rocks to driftwood, sand to native greenery, step outside to find nature’s greatest gifts. Raw wood tree slices make great risers while fascinating geodes make for nifty trinkets that can be easily sold. Contact your local stonemasons for scraps of marble, granite, and slate slabs. Such rustic elements double as ideal props for photographing jewelry as well.

Shop local

Look to your community for collaboration opportunities. Try pursuing your local art scene and regional craft shows. If you have space, you can feature special works of art on consignment in your cases and around your store. This can enliven the area and reel in foot traffic.

Evoke Conversation

For a more fanciful approach, consider putting personal touches to your jewelry case displays. Do you specialize in vintage style or antique jewelry? Find old books or teacups to add to your displays. Did you join a family business? Honor your family legacy by inserting something sentimental. This gets conversations flowing, and let your visitors identify and connect with you at a more personal level. Not to mention, it will brighten your own day reminding you of your ultimate passion. After all, no one spends more time looking around your store than you do!

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Build, measure, learn

Remember, staging your cases is an ever-evolving process. Use the summer doldrums to begin to transform them. And think ahead for the rest of the year considering different visual avenues you want to take. Don’t be afraid to be selective about the elements you choose. If you’re tired of filler, focus your attention on a clean presentation. Spacing plays a key role in this area. Remember, your jewelry case displays are backdrops, not the main attractions. You want your customer’s eyes to sweep across and see the individual pieces in your case.

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