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Stuller’s Holiday Learning Series: Tips for Successful Holiday Sales

bestselling holiday gifts

Hear from members of our team about trends, products, and solutions to making the sale this holiday season.

The holiday selling season is upon us! At Stuller, we are just as excited as you are to help make special memories with heartfelt gifts. If you tuned into our Holiday Learning Series last week, you heard from members of our team about the hottest topics on the market for your customers. If you missed out or simply need a refresh, I’m here with a quick recap of last week’s events, important takeaways, and must-have solutions that will help you increase sales this season.

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Jewelry Trends and Solutions

Alisse Gregson with Stuller’s Fine Jewelry team told us about the top jewelry selling points of the year: personalization, customization, and lab-grown diamond jewelry. These themes help customers have a look that is unique to them. Let’s quickly break down what each of these topics looks like.


When we say personalization, we are talking about initials, words, and engravings that helps a finished piece feel a little more personal. Customization takes the power of personalization up a notch by letting customers adjust design details to make a piece perfect for their style. Finally, lab-grown diamond jewelry features all the luxury and lasting elegance of natural diamond styles, but with more flexible price points and potentially higher carat total weights.

Solutions to Make the Sale

To help you sell popular styles your customers are looking for while keeping your in-case investment curated to items that move, we offer the following selling systems.

The Latest in Diamonds and Gemstones

Heather Fontenot with Stuller’s Diamonds and Gemstones team showed us how to find the perfect loose stone for even the most discerning customer. This year, you’ll find that consumers are most interested in diamonds with known origin, high-quality lab-grown diamond options, trending specialty diamonds, price-point targeted gemstones, and uniquely colored gemstones. There are all kinds of interests within the world of precious diamonds and gemstones and Stuller here to be your top resource to find exactly what you need.

Solutions to Make the Sale

From natural and lab-grown diamond options in every shape, size, color, and quality imaginable to gemstones in every eye-catching color of the rainbow, we have solutions that help you address each of the latest trends in loose stones.

The Best in Bridal

Alex Stuller with Stuller’s Bridal team told us about the new and best-selling engagement ring styles that are perfect for the modern bride ahead of holiday proposals. Fresh design aesthetics — such as nature-inspired details, new takes on the classic halo, and updated shanks and settings — are making waves as brides are looking for engagement rings that feel personal and one of a kind. Today’s bride also wants a say in the design of their ring, such as the stone type, shape, and size as well as the metal quality and color.


Along with showstopping engagement rings, couples that are making the journey down the aisle need wedding bands that fit their style just as much as the engagement ring. From the simple and classic band styles to the diamond-accented eternity and anniversary designs, we have a wide range of options that could make any couple happy.

Solutions to Make the Sale

Having every option imaginable can be a little overwhelming, but Stuller makes it easy with our pre-merchandised selling systems. We keep an eye on the best-selling and trending designs then make them available to you in economical, prototype, in-case solutions with rapid delivery on the live product.

Perfect Packaging and Displays

Katelyn Oglesby with Stuller’s Packaging and Displays team wrapped up our Holiday Learning Series with everything we need to know about putting the bow on top of that perfect gift. Holiday shopping is all about engaging with the senses and creating a complete shopping experience from start to finish. From unique displays that help customers envision their purchase to modern packaging that make every gift a delight under the tree, giving a little thought to packaging and displays can go a long way. Don’t forget to let your brand be cohesively seen from case to final purchase with custom imprinting.

Solutions to Make the Sale

Now is the time to give some attention to the finishing touches that make holiday gift giving extra special.

Stuller is Your Holiday Business Partner

We are here to make this holiday selling season the best one yet. Our customer care team and shipping department will be extending our holiday hours to help you make every sale. We’ll be open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Central every Saturday between Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can also shop 24/7 on and chat with a member of our team through the LIVE chat option during normal business hours. If there is anything we can do for you, give us a call at 800-877-7777.


Happy Selling and Happy Holidays!


Taylor Dizor

Staff Writer

Taylor holds degrees in Political Science and Communication from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as well as multiple certifications from GIA. His years in the wedding industry and love of fashion trends helps him write content for the on-trend and creative jeweler.