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Stuller Update on COVID-19 Actions

Danny Clark A Letter from our President header

Dear Stuller Customers,

At Stuller we value the long bond between our customers and associates. In the last two weeks we have undertaken a number of initiatives designed to protect the welfare of everyone connected through us in the jewelry industry.

As a business partner and employer, we understand how important it is for us to be able to serve and respond to multiple needs during this trying time. We are actively managing our supply chain, manufacturing lead times, and distribution capabilities and are ready to deliver the reliability that you count on us for. As long as the news continues to evolve at a rapid pace we will keep you informed as to our actions here at Stuller.

What We Are Doing: 

  • We have formed a COVID-19 task force to closely monitor information provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) as well as other federal, state, and local agencies.  We want to ensure our actions are consistent with the latest guidance provided by the CDC, LDH and other authorities.
  • We are encouraging proper hygiene among all Stuller associates and any visitors we may have. Hygiene reminders, containing CDC workplace recommendations, are also posted and on our video monitors throughout our facilities.
  • Hand sanitizer stations and wipes have been placed at all entry points and throughout our facilities.  We are also conducting a facility-wide air filter change and continuing to introduce fresh air into our workplace.
  • We are reducing associate travel to only those absolutely essential meetings.  Stuller customers and associates are encouraged to utilize video conferencing and other technologies to conduct/ attend off-premises meetings and conferences.  Internally, associate meetings are limited to no more than 10 attendees, with only necessary persons present.
  • If any associate or visitor displays symptoms of coronavirus they will be asked to leave the facility until they are cleared by a doctor to return.
  • Visitors to our facilities will be very limited.  Those admitted should be prepared to answer COVID-19 related questions before entry.  Those with heightened risk factors or displaying visible signs of sickness will not be able to enter the facility. If you have a planned visit to Stuller please check with your Stuller contact before making travel arrangements.

During this time of uncertainty, the safety and health of Stuller’s customers and associates, their families, communities, and vendors are our top priorities.  We believe remaining well-informed, taking proactive measures, and utilizing the latest advisories from the CDC, LDH, and the medical community are the best ways for us to minimize the impact of the virus. Our thoughts and prayers are with anyone affected by this disease.

We will continue to dedicate significant time and resources to monitor this evolving situation and protecting those we serve and employ.


Danny Clark


I’ve been with Stuller since 2008 • Lifetime literature lover • Want a forehand like Rafael Nadal • Graduate of UNC Chapel Hill. Go, Heels! • You can find me in the mountains reading a Jonathan Franzen novel • I have a love-hate relationship with Krispy Kreme doughnuts.