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Stuller Update on COVID-19

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Stuller completes first week of "stay at home" proclamation

Dear Stuller Customer,

Stuller has just completed the first week of a three week ‘stay at home’ proclamation delivered by the Louisiana Governor. It is our hope that following this proclamation and heeding the advice of the CDC that we will help slow the spread of Covid-19. We have numerous associates working from home and we are doing all we can to support you during these trying days, albeit in a limited fashion. Our scheduled re-open date is Monday, April 13th, 2020. This is a fluid situation and we will keep you informed of any changes in our status. We have been receiving orders from you and are looking forward to returning to our full capabilities as soon as we can.

We are passionate supporters of your business dreams and we will make every effort to partner with you along the way back. In the meantime please remember that you can place orders with us via or by calling 800-877-7777.  In addition, we have created a Frequently Asked Questions list based on what we’ve been asked multiple times in the last week. You can find that on our Stuller blog.

We take heart knowing that there will be brighter days ahead. The jewelry industry, our love and foundation, has seen everything by now. And through the centuries, the craftsmanship, the beauty, the sentimental value, and the flow of product throughout the world has continued. Thank you for your patience with us during this time and we look forward to serving you fully again in the near future.

Danny Clark
Stuller Inc.


Danny Clark


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