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Stuller Trend Report: Summer 2024 Edition

green gemstone trending jewelry

The latest trending jewelry designs feature a verdant glow.

As we begin a new season, there’s no better time to embrace a rising trend that brings a fresh burst of vitality and elegance to the jewelry world: green gemstones. This isn’t just a fleeting fashion moment. The color green captures attention all year round. From lush Emeralds to vibrant Peridots, the allure of these gemstones transcends the seasons, adding a touch of nature’s brilliance to every piece of jewelry.


But why this particular color, and why now? In this edition of the Stuller Trend Report, we will explore this trend, divulge the contributing factors associated with it, and provide insight into how you can enchant your customers with desirable styles.

green gemstone jewelry

Why is Green Trending?

To understand the success the color green is seeing in jewelry, fashion, textiles, home décor, and other industries, you must first look at social and psychological factors over the last few years. Coming away from the COVID-19 pandemic, you start to notice changes in perspective by the general population.

1. An interest in health, wellness, and positivity

Understandably after a global health crisis, we as a society began to take an interest in our personal health and total wellness. Green is associated with growth, prosperity, and new beginnings. It also has a connection to the heart chakra, which promotes emotional balance and overall well-being. Psychologically, green is a reflection of this interest.

2. A connection to nature

It’s not hard to see how green represents the essence of the natural world. There is a rise in society’s interest in sustainability and environmental protection. We’ve seen that interest reflected in the jewelry space for years as consumers want pieces made with recycled metals and consideration of stone sourcing methods. Green connects to growth and life — exactly what we want to see in nature.

3. A need for versatility

During turbulent economic times, jewelry continues to remain a fashionable staple. However, consumers want their jewelry to go the extra mile. Green goes perfectly with a variety of warm and cool tones and is present in color palettes for every season year-round. In a sense, green never goes out of style. Jewelry with green gemstones just makes sense for all occasions.

Trending Green Gemstones

Within the world of gemology, green gives us a wide variety of options that hit a range of price points. Right now, a selection of green gemstones is finding their favor among jewelry lovers.



Known for their rich, deep green color, Emeralds have long been a symbol of luxury and elegance. These gemstones are often associated with rejuvenation, growth, wisdom, and patience. The characteristic inclusions often seen even in the highest quality of Emeralds — known affectionately as the Jardin, or garden — give them a rare form of beauty.


Emerald is the May birthstone, the zodiac birthstone for Aries, and is used to celebrate the 35th and 55th wedding anniversaries.



Peridot showcases a vibrant, green apple hue that captures the essence of summer. They radiate a special type of energy that is simply dazzling in the daylight. Their association with the sun throughout history has perpetuated the belief that Peridot can ward off the terrors of the night and bring good luck.


Peridot is the August birthstone, the zodiac birthstone for Gemini, and is used to celebrate the 16th wedding anniversary.

tsavorite garnet

Tsavorite Garnet

Among the rarest of all Garnets is the Tsavorite Garnet. Many believe its striking and intense green color can rival that of a fine Emerald. While all varieties of Garnet symbolize protection, loving commitment, and trusting friendships, Tsavorite Garnet also represents vitality and prosperity.


Tsavorite Garnet is used to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary.

Green Tourmaline

Tourmaline can come in a spectrum of many colors, but some of its most popular varieties are in a shade of green. Green Tourmaline can be any hue of green — from mint to deep forest green — and is appreciated for its versatility. This gemstone is thought to inspire creativity and attract success.


Tourmaline is the October birthstone and is used to celebrate the 8th wedding anniversary.

Green in the Mainstream

Celebrities, influencers, designer brands, and social media icons often set the tone for pervasive styles, and, over the past year, the prominence of green in the mainstream fashion industry and beyond cannot be overstated. From jewelry to the runway to even home décor, notable figures have been making us green with envy.

The 2024 Met Gala

Known by many as the biggest night in fashion, the Met Gala featured many of our favorite celebrities in the most trendsetting, fashionable attire. This year, jewelry made a particularly vibrant statement of color and liveliness — a perfect pairing for the dress code titled The Garden of Time. From dazzling Emeralds worn by red carpet favorites Zendaya, Demi Moore, and Cardi B to a stunning Green Beryl brooch donned by Met Gala newcomer Jeff Goldblum, the shades of green were beyond compare.

Fall/Winter 2024 Fashion Runways

Setting the tone for the year, fashion brands released their plans for fall and winter fashion during the first quarter. Green was not simply an accent or accessory. It was a showstopping main character in runways from Italy to New York.

Home Décor Showcases and Portfolios

Major brands, interior publications, and notable designers often attract attention and spread inspiration using their showcases and portfolios. No matter the season or style, recent years have seen green make continuous appearances in bedding, paint, artwork, wall coverings, and more.

Offering Trend Jewelry

The key to offering the trends your customers are looking for is thoughtful research and curated merchandising. At Stuller, our team spends all year putting in the work, so you don’t have to.

Jewelers looking to capitalize on the latest trend can find an exquisite selection of popular jewelry styles through the latest product release by 302® Fine Jewelry — Summer of Venus. These pieces, inspired by nature, feature lovely green gemstone details as well as other trending motifs designed to inspire confidence and evoke the spirit of an inner goddess.

green gemstone jewelry

Tips for Selling Green Gemstones and Jewelry

1. Consider Lighting

Show customers how the gemstones look in different lighting, especially natural sunlight, to emphasize their unique beauty. For example, Emeralds set in a yellow gold mounting appear to almost glow in the sunlight.

2. Create Connection Through Storytelling

Share the stories behind each gemstone — a stone’s origin, birthstone connection, zodiac representation, or celebrity feature — to build interest.

3. Showcase Versatility

Display green gemstones in a variety of metal settings and combinations with other colored stones to illustrate their versatility and appeal.

A Trend Filled With Meaning and Beauty

The rise of green’s popularity — especially seen in the jewelry industry across a wide range of gemstones — is a testament to the timeless beauty this color evokes. By understanding the factors driving this trend and offering stunning pieces that speak to it, you can tap into a market that is eager for something fresh, vibrant, and eye-catching. Embrace this trend with beautiful green gemstones and captivate your customers with jewelry that inspires growth, prosperity, and a new beginning.


Taylor Dizor

Staff Writer

Taylor holds degrees in Political Science and Communication from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as well as multiple certifications from GIA. His years in the wedding industry and love of fashion trends helps him write content for the on-trend and creative jeweler.