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Stuller Makes It™ Customizable

Every piece of jewelry is unique, and we're diving into the custom design process on some of our favorites!

Welcome to this yearlong campaign where we’ll show just how easily Stuller Makes It™ custom. Not only are we excited to bring you monthly stories of customers who turned to Stuller for their unique custom creations, but we hope to inspire you with new ways of adding customization into your business. Being a designer that specializes or even dabbles in creating custom pieces doesn’t have to be a scary process. It should be fun, exciting, rewarding, and profitable!

To start this year of customization, I want to introduce a couple that asked one of their good friends, who just so happens to be jewelry designer Grace Walters, to create not one but two rings. They each wanted to create an engagement ring for their partner that was like no other and celebrated their relationship. At Grace Walters Designs, the pressure was on to create a one-of-a-kind piece — times two!

Meet the Creative Couple

Both Keiara and Dan are artists determined to bring bold hues, layers of symbolism, and deep connections to life not only with their work but also with their custom-designed engagement rings. The couple of nine years are close friends with jewelry designer and business owner Grace Walters who was more than ecstatic to help each of them design the other’s ring.

It Was Meant To Be

Their unique engagement story is one for the books. Instead of waiting for her partner Dan to pop the question, Keiara decided to take matters into her own hands and create a custom design engagement ring to propose to him. We love a confident woman! She created his ring with Grace’s help and came up with a design that was just as unique and spectacular as her now fiancé. 

Great minds think alike, but soul mates are on the same wavelength. Before Keiara had the opportunity to pop the question to her partner, little did she know, Dan was beginning to design her future engagement ring! One of the key features Dan chose for her stunning ring was a beautiful custom cut Garnet to use as the center stone. He knew that he wanted this deep, passionate, red gemstone to be the star of the show, and that fantasy cuts are better shown off in a darker colored gemstone than a diamond. He wanted something eye-catching for his beautiful beloved, and that is precisely what he got.

Speaking of eye-catching, the shape of an eye was cut into the Garnet to represent a “lover’s eye,” symbolizing a love that is always watching and never leaving. Both of these rings are full of symbolism and have deep connections to many things that the couple loves. It’s important to mention that after Dan accepted Keiara’s surprise proposal, the two of them worked together to design Keiara’s engagement ring with Grace. The design process of her ring was a group effort between the three of them and is truly a work of art from all angles.

custom garnet ring


When Keiara and Grace were designing Dan’s engagement ring, she also originally chose a custom cut Garnet as his center stone. A coincidence, or are they just PERFECT for each other? Unfortunately, during the first stone setting process, the Garnet broke. This tragic occurrence gave Keiara the difficult decision of choosing a different stone to replace the Garnet. After some consideration, Grace and Keiara decided to go with a beautiful salt and pepper diamond. This was a great choice since Dan worked with his hands a lot, and the salt and pepper diamond is a much more durable stone than a Garnet. They chose a diamond in an elongated hexagonal shape, a fantasy cut in the same shape as the original garnet center stone.


Harmonizing As One

When it comes to symbolism, Keiara’s engagement ring has an abundance of it. With her beautiful Garnet being the center stone, the radiant center setting represented the sun. The prongs holding the gemstone into place are set with diamonds and convey almost a halo of stars. As you follow the sides of the shank, you are met by a scrollwork crescent moon on both sides. You then come across a vibrant line of rainbow gemstones down the side of the shank. The couple and Grace created the engagement ring with many sculptural details as well as a mixture of both 22K yellow gold and platinum. It was important to the couple that the rings had plenty of their own elements, but that it was obvious that they were a set when seen together.



custom engagement ring set

Blending elements of her design aesthetic with the couple’s vision, Grace was able to design rings that speak to Keiara and Dan’s visions and personalities. These fresh takes on vintage styles with an added pop of customization are what many of Grace’s customers come to her for. She is known for her adventurous and unique designs and willingness to push the envelope of creativity and customization. For the past seven years, Grace has used CounterSketch® to create hundreds custom designs — including Keiara and Dan’s rings. She relies on Stuller’s CAD/CAM Services to help her bring her unique and magical designs to life. The end result is two beautiful engagement rings, and an even more stunning couple that’s excited for the future.

Often when people design an engagement ring for another, there are elements seen throughout that speak to their style, memories that they’ve shared, and even a glimpse of their personality shining through the design. Keiara and Dan’s special rings are unique on their own but also come together as a stunning set. Not only did Grace do an outstanding job of embracing the design process for this couple and helping them have a one-of-a-kind experience, but she was also able to help two dear friends take the next step towards their future together.

With the help of Stuller’s customization services, this story can easily be the inspiration that you need to start your own journey of personalization. Let us help you create a piece of jewelry like no other, and let you be the hero in your client’s story of their beloved custom piece.

Check back next month for another customer feature that highlights the magic that comes with creating custom pieces.


Julianne Llewellyn

Former Staff Writer