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Stuller Makes It™ Charming

Stuller Makes It Charming

The opportunities to add a personal touch are endless with charms and dangles.

The opportunities to add a personal touch are endless with charms and dangles.

As we continue to tell the story of customization in this year’s Stuller Makes It™ campaign, we are highlighting the charming possibilities that come with adding charms and dangles to any piece. 

Customization comes in all shapes and sizes. This can be as simple as adding charms and dangles to a chain, bracelet, or even a hoop earring. Charms and dangles allow your shoppers to easily mix, match, and create custom pieces for any occasion. Perhaps your customer wants a bracelet adorned with meaningful charms that represent a special moment in their life. Or you have a shopper who wants hoop earrings, but they want a particular embellishment on it. With enough creativity and thinking outside the box, your amount of selling opportunities will grow — bringing you plenty of repeat business.

Let’s look at a couple of Stuller customers who use charms and dangles to showcase limitless options in this month’s customer feature. These customers are able to utilize our products in a traditional as well as a nontraditional way to fit the needs of their business while always keeping their customers in mind.

charms and dangles

Simple Additions for a Charming Touch

First up is Your Personal Jeweler, an amazing customer of ours who has dedicated their entire business to personalization. Based out of Royal Oak, Michigan, and founded in 2016, Your Personal Jeweler provides its customers with the unique experience of having a “private” jeweler at their fingertips. After a personal consultation with their customers, they then partner with various jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, liquidators, and their team of custom designers to create unique jewelry pieces. Along with their in-person store, they also have an online storefront where they carry products for anyone to purchase.

One of the many ways they add an effortless touch of personalization to their customer’s pieces is by utilizing charms and dangles — specifically from a 302® Fine Jewelry’s Charm School™ collection.  By having these charms on hand, customers are given the ability to choose a birthstone, add an engraving, and more during the consultation process.

These simple additions are perfect for shoppers who might already have a necklace, bracelet, or another piece of jewelry that they would like to add to. They are also great for the shopper that is excited to create a brand-new piece with these easy options. By having a variety of these pieces available to choose from in your store or online storefront, you can give your customers the opportunity to express themselves and their creativity with these affordable and sparkling styles. 

Thinking Outside the Box of Personalization

It’s always inspiring to see the different ways that our customers use Stuller products to make it work for their business. Born This Way Body Arts is a Stuller customer who got really creative when it comes to creating custom body jewelry.

Born This Way Body Arts is located in the heart of East Tennessee, where they comfortably sit next to the Great Smoky Mountains. Founded in 2011, they pride themselves on giving every customer the most memorable experience possible. Next to their award-winning tattoo artists and piercers, they also offer Knoxville some of the most high-quality body jewelry selections in-store and on their website. There, they create a unique shopping experience for customers by making custom body jewelry with our petite pavé dangles.

By taking individual dangles from the collection and soldering them onto seamless hoops, posts, and chains, they are able to put the creative process of designing in their customer’s hands. These pieces of custom body jewelry can then be worn in cartilage piercings such as a septum, conch, and more, giving their customers a unique piece like no other. 

"Everything has an opportunity, but it’s up to us as the supplier to figure out how we can utilize it for our specific needs as well as how to make our customers happy — every time"
Bryan Thomas
Owner / Jeweler

As jewelers, making sure that our customers are always satisfied with their end product, is top priority. Stuller wants every jeweler to have this ability when creating jewelry that their customers will love for a lifetime. However, the personalization process doesn’t always mean creating something from scratch.

Whether you want to add a charm to a special piece, or create an entire new line of custom body jewelry with dangles — Stuller Makes It.

We hope that our different varieties of charms and dangles can help you achieve your customization goals. Make sure to shop all of our charms and dangles for even more varieties of personalization.

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