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SCS Certified times four

We’ve always been conscious of the environment and our impact on it. Throughout our 46-year tenure, we’ve made strides to be conservative in all areas – energy, water and waste management, recyclables, etc. And we’re proud to add one more to our belt.

scs1We’ve recently undergone an audit by the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) and are pretty excited to announce that in addition to gold and silver, our platinum and palladium have been certified for 100% recycled content. This recognition makes our full offering of fabricated metals (and all items made with those metals) certified.
The certification process is specific and detailed with potential applicants having to comply with several requirements regarding environmental, social
and supply chain management. Very few have earned this certification. At the scs2time of our application, we were one of only two to have this certification for the four precious metals.

Consumers are becoming more and more concerned with the sustainability of the environment. By gaining these certifications it allows our customers to confidently say all of the products manufactured by their supplier are meeting high environmental standards.

Stay tuned for more great things to come!

Here’s a bit about the Scientific Certification Systems:
Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) is a global leader in independent certification and verification of environmental, sustainability, stewardship, food quality, food safety and food purity claims. For 30 years, SCS has developed internationally recognized standards and certification programs in pursuit of the highest level of environmental performance and social accountability. Many assessments undertaken by SCS are based on innovative life cycle assessment methodologies. SCS assessments lead to the recognition of accomplishments in greenhouse gas inventories and offsets, agricultural production, food processing and handling, forestry, fisheries, flowers and plants, energy, green building, product manufacturing and corporate social responsibility.


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