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Say it with Silver Jewelry

Affordable options for the latest and greatest looks


Through ancient and medieval ages to futuristic designs, silver jewelry continues to wow wearers and designers with its malleability and affordability. Sterling is 92.5% pure, and it has the remarkable attribute of aging gracefully. Silver patinas are so beautiful that designers often exaggerate this quality in their designs.

And let’s face it, most of us weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths, making sterling silver jewelry the perfect option! This holds especially true for younger customers who lack the money or inclination to splurge on gold. Millennials find sterling silver jewelry can be an ideal way to maintain their distinctive aesthetic at a reasonable price-point. And silver jewelry makes a terrific children’s gifts with its durability and low cost.

Stuller continues to create a majority of its masterful pieces in sterling silver, allowing the same great look for every budget. Here are a few of our newest styles in silver–


Freeform Silver Jewelry

These freeform designs kindle graceful curves, feeling light and airy with interplays of negative space. With clean lines and a contemporary feel, these freeform designs make magnificent sterling silver jewelry.


Sterling Stackables




Lovely Line Bracelets 

Timeless and beautiful, line bracelets make a perfect gift for a loved one. We set these bestselling styles in affordable sterling silver and CZ embellishments so wearers can feel like a million without paying a fortune.


Open Work Pendants

The open work pendants above feel lavish and ornate, yet delicate and refined. Choose these versatile sterling silver styles to pair with any ensemble.


Ear Candy

Accessorize cleverly with these sterling silver earrings. Whether choosing drop earrings, studs, or ear climbers, silver is the go-to inexpensive option.


Don’t Forget About Klean Karats®

Let’s not forget sterling silver jewelry has a pronounced tendency to tarnish. This may turn the jewelry black and may be rubbed off on the skin or clothing. When this occurs, polish silver jewelry frequently to keep pieces in mint condition.


Choose sterling silver for your silver bullet solution to any and all jewelry-related qualms. Then, upgrade to white gold down the road when you see fit!

How does silver jewelry sell in your store? Do you see it as a rising trend or a fading fad? Share your thoughts in the comments below!