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Custom Heart-Shaped Pendant

With Mother’s Day soon approaching, necklaces are a crowd favorite. This doesn’t mean ever one of your customer’s has to end up with a cookie cutter piece. It’s easy to deliver a custom look using items you have in your shop.

Pieces Used

A. 276 Lobster Claspheartpendant

B. 1608 Pearl Cup

C. CH521 Diamond Cut Wheat Chain

D. Freshwater pearl Half-drilled

E. 23253 Heart Shape Trim

F. Precision Diamonds


heart pendant chain
1. Start with the chain. Find the center point (be sure to pay attention to how it hangs), and carefully cut it in half. Keep in mind that different styles of chain and clasp will imp[act where your center will lie.

heart trim
2. Prep the heart trim, removing any remaining sprue remnants. Drill the point of the heart to ready it for the pearl peg.

3. Solder the peg in place. Give the entire piece a prep polish. Then, give the outside edge a final polish before starting step 4. Note: once step 4 is started, it will be much more difficult to achieve a final polish in this area.

4. On a flat surface, lay the chain halves along each side of the heart trim. Different chain links may fall differently. Be sure that the links line up and mirror each other. Tack in place with super glue.

5. Laser the chain links to the heart, securing it from the back. Repeat on the other side. Work your way from point to shoulder, making sure your starting and stopping points line up on each side.

heart trim
6. Set the diamonds into the heart trim. Give the piece a final polish.

7. Glue the half-drilled pearl in place. Le the adhesive completely set.

8. Enjoy your piece!


Tools Used

Tronex Taper Head Cutter - Razor Flush
46-0046  Tronex cutter

Coarse Moore's Plastic Snap on Sanding Disc 7/8"
10-7100 Moorplastic Snap-On Disc 3/4″ Medium

PRIMO™ HSS Mini Twist Drills/10 Drills Each #33-#80
28-5040     High Speed Twist Drill Set

77-2930 Panther Beading Tool Set

47-3297     Gray Star Polishing Compound

John Vandergriff

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