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A Modern Anniversary Band

This modern twist on a classic anniversary band is sure to turn heads. The bezel settings provide security for your diamonds while delivering maximum sparkle. Get inspired and design your own custom anniversary gifts for your customers.

Findings Used:

a modern anniversary band

A. 20053 Round Tapered Bezel Settings, platinum, 3.4mm.

B. DIAMOND-GEN Round Colorless Diamonds, Full Cut, I1, G-H, 3.4mm.

C. 20053 Round Tapered Bezel Setting, platinum, 4.1mm.

D. SH122 #3 Flat End Half Round Shank, Semi-Polished, platinum.

E. DIAMOND-GEN Round Colorless Diamond, Full Cut, I1, G-H, 4mm.

F. SOLDER:77388 Platinum Solder Sheet.


1. Approximately 3/4 up on the heads, grind a slight angle

2. Next, you’ll need a 6 3/4 size mandrel. Using sticky wax, place the heads on the mandrel to verify that the angles match.

platinum ring
3. Working with two heads at a time, use wire to bind the heads together and solder each of the two end sets together. Then, bind the middle head in place and solder.

platinum ring
4. Size the shank at the shoulders. Using the wire, bind the head section to shank. Then, solder it all together.

5. Prep and polish.

platinum ring
6. Set the stones.



Tools Used

Aluminum Oxide Snap On Disc Medium
10-7121 Aluminum Oxide Snap On Disc

21-0488   Wolf™ Wicked Sticky Positioning Wax

Large Ring Mandrel without Groove, Sizes 1-16
35-2900 Large Ring Mandrel without Groove

16-7051 Mounted Miniature Geza Brush

Gray Knife-Edge Silicone Pre-Polish Wheels 7/8"x1/4" - Pack of 10
11-8124    Knife Edge Grey Silicone Pre-Polish Wheels

John Vandergriff

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