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Stacks on Stacks: Create Perfect Layered Looks

Stackable Rings

Shop stackable rings, necklaces, and earrings for the perfect on-trend holiday gift.

The best way to create a personalized fashion statement is through layering fine jewelry pieces. This is why providing stackable rings, necklaces, and earrings could be the greatest game-changer for your business this holiday season. As one of this year’s hottest fashion trends, be prepared to help your customers create perfect layered looks at price points they will love.

One of the greatest benefits to leveraging this trend is that these pieces move fast. With product that moves quickly, you’re going to need fast solutions for replenishing your inventory. At Stuller, we offer rapid next-day delivery on all in-stock items. Thankfully, we offer hundreds of stackable styles in-stock to help you continue to make the sale this holiday season.

To give you some inspiration on what you can use to build your own stackable style collection, let’s take a look at in-stock stackable rings, necklaces, and earrings that are on-trend, price point-friendly, and perfect for holiday gifting.

Build the Perfect Ring Stack

stackable rings

Whether your customer is choosing dainty rings to compliment a larger statement ring or pairing subtle statements with each other to create a unique look, building the perfect ring stack is all about showcasing your style and personality. Mix and match diamond, metal, gemstone, and religious stackable rings to create a collection that is personable as well as fashionable. Add to your stackable ring collection with our best-selling pieces.

Shop stackable rings here.

Create a #NeckMess

stackable necklaces

We are obsessing over the #NeckMess trend! By layering different styles of complimentary necklaces, you can tell a complete story of style and personality. Choose between various shapes and sizes as well as metal qualities and colors to create the perfect layered look.

Shop stackable necklaces here.

Host an Ear Party

stackable earrings

More and more people are adding additional piercings to their ears to show off new styles. Whether you have stunning dangles, hoops, or huggies, adding tiny stud earrings — such as classic studs, symbols, interesting gemstone shapes, and more — will help accent the look and take personal style to a new level. It’s a whole party for your ears and tiny studs make for the perfect stocking stuffer.

Shop stackable tiny stud earrings here.

With so many combinations and possibilities stackable rings, necklaces, and earrings provide, the options are endless. This holiday season is all about the perfect personalized gift and stackable pieces are the way to do it. Get started stocking up on these in-stock pieces that will leave your inventory as quickly as they get there.


Taylor Beadle

Former Product Manager, Fine Jewelry