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Sky Blue Dangle Necklace

This necklace draws the eye in with a spot of color and movement. It’s the perfect use for bits and pieces hanging around your shop.

Findings Used:

jewelry supplies

A. 22540 Diamond Roundel Spacer

B. TOPAZ-GEN Topaz Sky Blue Briolette

C. 28549 Round Diamond Micro-Bezel Link

D. 23664 Briolette Dangle/Bail

E. CH176 Solid Cable Chain


1. Lay out the components, and pre-cut the chain to the desired lengths.

2. Solder a jump ring on either side of the preset roundel, aligning the jump rings with each other. Put aside.

3. Solder the short lengths of chain to the sides of the preset microbezel and attach the briolette setting.

4. Connect the microbezel/chain elements to the roundel. Then, attach the necklace portion of the chain to the roundel, ensuring that the clasp falls center.

5. Set the blue topaz briolettes.

6. Enjoy your creation!


Tools Used

14-0110 Laser Welder

Tronex Chain Nose Plier - Long, Smooth Jaw
46-0001 Tronex Chain Nose Plier

Tronex Mini Oval Cutter - Razor Flush
46-0036 Tronex Cutters

John Vandergriff

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