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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Shoppable Instagram and Facebook Posts

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Use your social media to draw customers to your doors while closing a few more sales

Social media boasts prime real estate for spreading brand awareness and engaging with your customer base. And while social media works ’round the clock to connect with your audience, sometimes it’s difficult to quantify the impact. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to create transactions on social media using shoppable Instagram and Facebook posts. It might seem like a daunting task at first, but this will help draw more customers to your doors AND close more sales.

Shoppable Instagram and Facebook Posts Mobile Screenshot Shoppable Instagram and Facebook Posts Mobile Screenshot

Here is a simple guide to creating shoppable Instagram and Facebook posts—

Step 1: Switch to Business Accounts

Before you can start to build your shoppable Instagram and Facebook posts, your accounts on each platform must be business versions. This means having a Facebook Page rather than a profile and converting your regular Instagram into a business account by choosing Switch to Business Profile in your settings menu.

Step 2: Link Your Accounts

Next, you must make sure these accounts are linked to one another. You can accomplish this one of two ways:

1- Visit your Inbox Tab on your Facebook Page when viewing on a desktop computer. Here you will see an Instagram logo. When clicked, it will then prompt you to connect your profiles by entering your account credentials.

2- Choose Linked Accounts in your Instagram account settings from your mobile phone. You will choose Facebook and simply follow the on-screen prompts, entering your account credentials to connect your profiles.


We recommend that you complete the next two steps on a desktop computer


Step 3: Add the Shop Tab

In your Facebook Page settings, locate the Edit Page tab. Here you will see all of the tabs you have set up on your page. (About, Reviews, Events, etc.) Scroll to the bottom and choose Add a Tab. Select Shop. This functionality will then show up as an option on your page.


Step 4: Import Your Inventory

This is where you’ll start adding inventory to your new Shop! When you choose Add Product, you will be guided through adding your first piece. You will add photos and/or videos, product price and description, and a checkout URL (a link to purchase). Repeat this process with each piece you wish to upload.

My recommendation: Start by uploading styles with existing photography that you would like to post soon. This enables you to start building up your Shop as you simultaneously create your shoppable Instagram and Facebook posts.

Shoppable Instagram and Facebook Posts Desktop Screenshot

Step 5: Wait for Approval

Once you add a single product to your Facebook Shop, you can begin to tag that product in any posts within thirty minutes or less. However, on Instagram, you must wait for approval before you can begin the process. According to Instagram, “Once you fulfill the above requirements (Steps 1-4), your account is reviewed for access to the feature. Usually, the review process takes a few days, but sometimes we may need to review your account in more detail, which can take longer.”


Step 6: Tag Product

Now, all you have to do is tag products from your Shop in any corresponding posts! Viewing your photo from a desktop computer, you will now see the option to Tag Products. Click on that button, and then click on the product within the photo. Type whatever you named the style in the pop-up and that’s all there is to it! You will now see a shopping bag when you hover over this photo on desktop AND mobile.

Shoppable Instagram and Facebook Posts Desktop Screenshot

Step 7: Close More Sales!

Do a happy dance! You are DONE creating your Shop and will start converting more social sales before you know it.

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