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SEO Basics: How to Set Up Your Google Business Listing

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Follow this step-by-step guide to creating and enhancing your Google Business Listing

One of the single most important steps toward better Google search rankings is to establish a Verified Google Business listing. Whether you’re creating your Google My Business profile for the first time or revisiting your current listing, here is our expert advice.

What is a Google Business Listing?

Google My Business offers the opportunity for any business owner to validate their business listing in Google’s index. This powerful tool is completely free and helps attract and engage those searching for your business online. Google My Business also gives you a presence on Google Maps, allows for customer reviews, added business details, and much more.

Why is This Important?

Google searches for local businesses to display at the top of its search results. If you don’t have a verified Google Listing, you’ll find yourself at a huge disadvantage against local competitors. This is why it’s vitally important to have a verified Google Business Listing.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your Google Business Listing.


1. Create Your Listing

  • Log into your Gmail account. If you don’t already have one, create one.
  • Visit
  • Click MANAGE NOW.
  • Type the name and address of your business. Google will attempt to find any existing instances of your business in their directory.
    • If your business listing already exists, claim that business.
    • If your business listing does not already exist, continue to create your listing by choosing: Add your business to Google.
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2. Add Information

At this point, you will begin to enter your business information. It is critical to list your information accurately and consistently in every instance online. For example, perhaps your address is listed as 123 Main St. on your website, but shown as 123 Main Street in your local Chamber of Commerce directory. From a search engine’s perspective, this creates inconsistency. To help your Google rankings, strive to keep all information as uniform as possible.

  • If you do not currently have a website for your business, leave the field blank and Google will prompt you to create a business website based on the business information you provide.
  • Enter the rest of your business information: Phone Number, Email Address, Physical Address, Hours of Operation, etc.
    • NOTE: If you have multiple locations, you can add/manage them later from this business listing.

Add Photos

Add your photography: logo, profile, and cover photos. Images are very important to your Google My Business profile. We recommend featuring a picture of your storefront as your main cover photo. This gives people a visual reference of your place of business. When they’re walking or driving by, they’ll be more familiar with your brand having already seen your storefront online.

Also, take this opportunity to show off high-quality images of the custom work you’ve completed. Take pictures of your staff and add them here, too. This helps to humanize your business listing and give prospects an idea of who they’ll meet when they visit your store. Share photos of your bench jeweler and as much of your store’s interior as you’re comfortable showing. This way, customers will know exactly what to expect upon entering your store. No surprises.

Add Recommended Categories

Google requires you to declare a business category. These categories help describe your overall business and connect would-be customers with your listing. Remember, you can’t create your own category. Google has an established index for business types, so take advantage of the categories already existing in Google’s index. Here are our recommended categories: jewelry store, jewelry designer, jewelry repair service, jewelry engraver, jewelry appraiser. 

Google My Business Website Search

3. Verification

Once you’ve entered all of your information, you’re now ready to verify your listing. Simply click VERIFY NOW and follow the instructions. Google will either send a postcard to your business address or send an automated phone call to your place of business. Whichever you choose, be prepared to complete this part of the process. It’s very important.

Google My Business Verification

If you don’t see the verification prompt, simply click on the Info tab in your sidebar and find the VERIFY NOW button from within that area.

Google Business Listing Info

4. Double-Check Your Information

Check Google for duplicates or incorrect listings. If there are multiple listings for your business, you’ll need to get them removed. There are various reasons why you may have duplicate listings. Perhaps you or someone in your business created these listings in the past. Or, more likely, Google obtained information from your website or another online directory and automatically created your listing. It’s important to have only one listing per storefront.

  • In the Google Business back-end, make sure all your information is correct and complete on the Info, Photos, and Website tabs.
  • If you have HTTPS on your website, it’s very important to use the HTTPS version of your website URL. Ask your webmaster about this if you’re unsure.
  • Once your Google Business Listing is established, you can further manage your listing by adding users to manage your listing, or adding additional locations if you have multiple storefronts.

5. Ask For Reviews

Once you’ve completed your Google Business Listing setup, it’s time to be noticed in local searches. Ask your happiest customers to write reviews on your Google page, and it will help your rankings in localized search. Remember, Google recognizes the timing and frequency of reviews, so don’t over-solicit. Instead, just advocate for happy Google reviews at a natural pace.

Google Business Listing Stuller Reviews

If you have any questions about setting up your Google Business Listing, call me, Hunter Trahan, at 337-262-7700, ext. 4338 or email me at

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