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Selling Tips and Tricks for Your Fashion-Forward Brides

Newly curated Designer Bridal and Ring Enhancer selling systems are the perfect solution for today’s jewelers.

Imagine this scenario. An excited couple comes in with a picture from Pinterest of their dream engagement ring. The design is modern and very on-trend. Your current in-case inventory is all best-selling classics that many brides request. However, nothing in your cases seems to match this couple’s style quite like the newer trends on social media, and this has slowly become a recurring experience in your store.

Staying on top of the trending bridal styles can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to research those trends, but you also must invest heavily in an inventory of distinctive pieces that may or may not resonate with your local customers. Well not anymore!

We’ve done the research and created solutions that provide you with product that is high trend, but with a low-cost investment and minimal inventory to keep track of. Say hello to our new Designer Bridal and Ring Enhancer in-case selling systems.

Designer Bridal: In-Case Prototype Selling System

Seasoned Stuller customers are familiar with the eye-catching styles in our designer bridal collection. However, this collection has received a refresh and is now offered as an in-case selling system just in time for the busy holiday season. The full collection and prototype selling system now features the most in-demand and on-trend engagement rings of the year. Featuring fancy stone shapes, illusion designs, and intricate shank details, we have curated assortments within our prototype selling system that help you sell showstopping styles to fashion-forward brides.

Art Deco Assortment: A Selling System

The Art Deco Assortment (688860:100:P) showcases chevron architecture, trillion-shaped melee, hexagons, and ballerina halos.

Modern Assortment: A Selling System

The Modern Assortment (688860:101:P) features east to west settings, split shanks, French-set accents, two-stone settings, and negative space bands.

Vintage-Inspired Assortment: A Selling System

The Vintage-Inspired Assortment (688860:102:P) displays rings with milgrain details, a filigree halo, petite accents, and intricate shank designs.

Whimsical Assortment: A Selling System

The Whimsical Assortment (688860:103:P) promotes playful asymmetrical halos, a starburst halo, Celtic inspirations, and fanciful abstract looks.

You can either purchase an individual assortment that fits the styles you’re looking for or you can have them all with the comprehensive Designer Bridal Selling System (688860:104:P). Each assortment comes in a hexagon-shaped display to help the unique designs stand out. All styles are featured as a prototype in a high-quality metal alloy, which can then be ordered in live product as 14K white, yellow, and rose gold as well as platinum.

The Art Deco Assortment (688860:100:P)The Modern Assortment (688860:101:P)
The Vintage-Inspired Assortment (688860:102:P)The Whimsical Assortment (688860:103:P)

Bridal Enhancer Selling System

Contour bands and ring guards have continued to grow in popularity and are the perfect addition to any bride’s wedding stack. Contour bands fit nicely against the shank of the engagement ring, while a ring guard provides that perfect halo effect for the classic solitaire.

It can get expensive to keep a large variety of enhancers in stock, however, it’s also necessary for your customers to try the enhancer on with the ring to ensure the right fit. With this dilemma, we have created a solution.

Our Bridal Enhancer Selling System (688825) is a pre-merchandised prototype collection of trending styles featuring 12 contour bands and 4 ring guards. All styles can be ordered live in a variety of metal qualities and colors.

Bridal Enhancer Selling System (688825)

The Bottom Line

Having a large amount of live inventory is costly and comes with a certain amount of risk. With pre-merchandised prototype solutions like our Designer Bridal and Ring Enhancer selling systems, you can feel confident that you are carrying the best in trending styles while keeping your costs low and your inventory minimal.

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Taylor Dizor

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Taylor holds degrees in Political Science and Communication from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as well as multiple certifications from GIA. His years in the wedding industry and love of fashion trends helps him write content for the on-trend and creative jeweler.