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Sell your scrap metal with Stuller’s Clean Scrap Program


Melt Your Extra Metal into Extra Cash

We’ve previously discussed why you should take the proper steps to recover gold sweeps to sell for extra profit. With gold at a market high, now is the perfect time to turn a profit on your scrap metal and boost your bottom line.

If you have bench filings, grindings, or other scrap metal lying around, our Clean Scrap Program offers you a quick, easy way to convert your metal and get paid in the way that’s right for you.

Why you should process your scrap with Stuller 

Honest payouts, reasonable rates, and low minimum volume required

Through this program, we offer expert melting services to help you be more profitable. We’ll make sure you receive a fair payout for your scrap metal.

You do not need to submit large metal quantities, and we offer low rates for processing.

Quick settlement and payout

From the moment we receive your gold, our team works quickly to process your order, come to a settlement, and get you paid — at up to 98% of the metal’s worth. 

When we receive your shipment, we verify the product and then melt it for analysis in our Assay Lab. You can learn more about the verification process along with the processes performed by our technicians in the video below.

Stuller pays market value for your precious metal scrap. You’ll receive payment in your choice of check, electronic payment, or Stuller account credit. If you select the account credit payment option, you’ll receive free processing for your gold and silver metal scrap.  

You can also choose to apply your payout directly to your Stuller bill.

Wide assortment of products

When you choose the account credit payment option, you have more than 200,000 products available to purchase.

Easy online experience

Our Clean Scrap web page has all you need: the packing slip form, a calculator to estimate your payment, and a breakdown of fees and payout options to suit your needs.

The video below further details how easy it is to send your metal scrap to Stuller. 

Have you ever taken advantage of our Clean Scrap Program? Let us know about your experience in the comments below! 


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