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Sell With a Story: The Best of 2022

From new releases to discovering trends, check out this recap of the year's most notable diamond and gemstone stories.

This year has been filled with everything that sparkles, shimmers, and shines! We have covered trends, expanded our inventory, and shared many exciting stories from the Stuller diamonds and gemstones team. Let’s look back on 2022 and see the best updates this year has brought.

color of the year very peri gemstones

1. Pantone's Color of the Year: Very Peri

We kick off every year with a celebration of the Pantone Color Institute’s Color of the Year. This color tends to drive the trends across several industries, including jewelry and fashion. The newly created color Very Peri is a gorgeous combination of cool blue with a subtle red to give a shade that empowers newness, enthusiasm, and curiosity for the future. To celebrate the new Color of the Year, we curated an assortment of loose gemstones that echo the color. Click the button below to discover our picks that reflect Very Peri as well as other stones within color palettes that make the perfect complement.

gemstone engagement rings

2. Gemstones in Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

A diamond may truly be a girl’s best friend, but don’t underestimate the rise in popularity gemstones are seeing in bridal jewelry, which is one of the largest growing trends we saw kicking off the year. Encouraged by celebrities donning their own engagement rings featuring gemstones, brides around the world are adding colorful accents and vibrant centers to their rings. Sapphire, Ruby, Moissanite, Spinel, and Tourmaline are just some of the great options to suggest to the modern bride. Explore all the gemstones bursting into the bridal scene in our blog on durable gemstones for engagement rings.

3. The Highest Cut Quality in Lab-Grown Diamonds

Earlier this year, we began offering GCAL 8X® Lab-Grown Diamonds. These diamonds are recognized for their extraordinary brilliance and beauty as they are certified excellent in eight critical factors of cut quality — polish, external symmetry, proportions, optical brilliance, fire, scintillation, optical symmetry, and hearts & arrows. Stuller offers a variety of size options with reports in round, oval, and square shapes. With the growing interest in lab-grown diamond options, 8X provides the highest quality solution.

new diamond shapes

4. Trending Diamond Additions: Shapes

Speaking of trends and lab-grown diamonds, one thing we noticed this year is a love for more heirloom-inspired styles in jewelry. Unique fancy shapes, like asschers and cushions, are cherished for their nostalgic charm. For this reason, we made sure to supply expanded options for any occasion in our lab-grown melee diamonds and large lab-grown diamonds without reports assortments. Shop these trending shapes to provide your customers with a stunning and modern take on a classic stone style.

trending diamond colors

5. Trending Diamond Additions: Colors

Continuing with this year’s diamond trends, let’s talk about color! Color enhanced diamonds definitely saw some attention this year for the consumer wanting a diamond alternative to colored gemstones. With celebrities like JLo (currently sporting a stunning green diamond engagement ring that we are obsessing over) who are bringing colorful diamonds to light, these beauties are in the spotlight. To accommodate this increased interest, we expanded our assortment of melee diamonds and large diamonds without reports to include mint green diamonds and new shape options in black diamonds.

wholesale diamonds and gemstones supplier

6. Updated Diamonds & Gemstones Catalog

With more than a million loose stones in stock and limitless possibilities that can be sourced, you can easily browse your options with Stuller’s newest edition of our diamonds and gemstones catalog. Featuring an extensive variety of natural and lab-grown options, numerous new additions, educational content, and several organizational and visual enhancements, Diamonds & Gemstones 2023-2024 will easily help you find the perfect loose stone to complete a one-of-a-kind piece.

7. Trending Gemstone of the Year: Emerald

Finally, we are wrapping up this year’s recap with a new story — one we have been saving just for you. Have you been selling a lot more Emeralds lately? If so, it’s because Emerald popularity is soaring! Seen on runways and magazines across the world, more and more people are loving the most luscious shade of green that is a hallmark of this gemstone. We are anticipating the love for Emerald to continue well into 2023.

Diamonds and gemstones elevate any piece with stunning brilliance and vibrant color. This year has brought so many exciting new perspectives with loose stones, and we cannot wait to find out what 2023 has in store.


Morgan Boudreaux

Project Specialist, Merchandising

Morgan holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Louisiana. Along with multiple certifications from AGS and GIA, her love and passion for all things sparkly give her the drive to help every customer find the perfect loose stone for every piece.