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Sell With a Story: Spring Gemstone Color Palettes

Be inspired by spring colors when choosing what gemstones to offer this season.

Spring is on its way, and everyone is itching to get outside. Whether that’s to take a trip, spend time with friends, or enjoy some beautiful sites, it’s unmistakable that we’re all ready to roam outdoors again. With the upcoming warmer season on its way, many people might find themselves swapping out their typically worn color palettes to match the brighter colors we see throughout spring. We often do this same exchange with our jewelry as well.

The vibrant colors that we see every day can heavily influence your customer’s jewelry choices, including the gemstones that they want to wear — as they should! Who wouldn’t want to be inspired by the rich hues of a sunset or the colorful flowers that we get to experience more often during this upcoming season?

To welcome spring and to help get your gemstone collection ready for your customers to browse through, we chose three fresh spring color palettes inspired by nature and paired them with an array of beautiful gemstones. Stock up on some of these Stuller Gemstones™ and offer your customers durable gem options that are great for any of their springtime occasions.

Ocean Gemstone Color Palette

By the Water Gemstone Color Palette

A popular springtime destination is commonly somewhere near water. Whether your customers choose to visit an ocean, a lake, or a river, it’s hard for them to not be inspired by the intoxicating blues and greens that glisten throughout the water. We’ve selected a collection of gemstones that portray the dark blues, vibrant greens, as well as the warm earth tones that surround the shores of their favorite water scenes. Your customer will immediately be brought back to their favorite destination by the water after taking a glimpse at these beautiful gemstones.

From top to bottom: Kingman Turquoise, Teal Sapphire, London Blue Topaz, Sky Blue Topaz, and Honey Quartz.

Springtime Gemstone Color Palette

Picnic With Friends Gemstone Color Palette

Spending time with friends is an outing that many of your shoppers might have taken for granted over the last few years, so finding time to grab a bite with friends is always cherished. With warmer weather coming, picnics and spending more time outside with the newly blossoming flowers are a no-brainer. We’ve picked out a collection of gemstones that shows off a variety of spring hues that they might see when enjoying an outdoor picnic or lunch date with their friends this season. 

From top to bottom: RubyYellow MoissanitePure Pink Mystic TopazPeridot, and Tanzanite

Sunset Hike Gemstone Color Palette

Taking a moment to witness a sunset on an evening hike is always a breathtaking experience. Spring sunsets become even more vibrant as the seasons begin to change. If your customers are lucky enough to live near or visit a mountain top while on vacation that has a beautiful view of the horizon — those explosive colors are a dream to witness firsthand. We were heavily inspired by the rich reds and dark oranges in this specific color palette when picking out these gemstones. Stock your display cases with these stones, and you might have trouble keeping them in stock!

From top to bottom:Mozambique Garnet, Sunrise Mystic Topaz, Citrine, Imperial Topaz, and Orange Garnet.

No matter the destination this spring, there’s a gemstone that would be perfect for the occasion. Browse through and find the gemstone color palettes that inspire you this season.  

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Cody Landry

Assistant Gemstones Buyer

Cody has been with with Stuller since 2021. Along with multiple certifications from GIA, his love for the science and history behind gemstones has allowed him to have a unique outlook on trends coming to the industry.