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Sell With a Story: Red, White, and Blue Stones


There are few color combinations as iconic to the United States of America as red, white, and blue. Creating a color collection as classic as little pinwheels this time of year is super easy with many gemstone options in a plethora of shades encompassing red, white, and blue.

Below we break down four variations to add a little interest to your cases.

Iconic with a Twist – Red Spinel, Moissanite, Tanzanite

swas-patriotic-stones-red-spinel swas-patriotic-stones-moissanite swas-patriotic-stones-tanzanite

When you think of marketed colored gemstones, Spinel is a relative newcomer to the scene. Having been around for many centuries, but consistently overlooked; the bright, crisp colors are starting to find a new cult following. The ‘Black Prince’s Ruby’ aka a gorgeous Red Spinel currently housed in the British Crown Jewels, is a prime example of the stunning red color available from Spinel. Partner that with a clean, classic, sparkly Moissanite and the deep blue-violet you get from Tanzanite and you have yourself an iconic display with a twist. Remember, the color draws customers in but the story, those little details that set your store apart, closes the sale!

Eclectic & Unusual – Red Zircon, Opal, Lapis

swas-patriotic-stones-red-zircon swas-patriotic-stones-opal swas-patriotic-stones-lapis

Maybe you are looking for something just a little different or something that stops your customers in their collective tracks to bend down and look a little closer. Red Zircon with its powerful sparkle will do just that (who says diamonds get to have all the fun?). Partnered with the ever-loved Opals and the bold blue of Lapis, you have yourself a lovely blend of patriotic colors that will surprise and delight. The little gold flecks that dot Lapis work well with the earthy tones of Red Zircon and the play of color you get with Opal partner well with everything (because who does not love Opal!?). This eclectic combination helps customers see color in ways that they perhaps have not seen before, opening the imagination for unusual pairings.

Downright Playful – Garnets, Moonstones, Chalcedony

swas-patriotic-stones-garnet swas-patriotic-stones-moonstone swas-patriotic-stones-chalcedony

For those of you with a boutique wanting to play with the summery trends, look no farther than cabochon cut stones. With an eye toward curves, brilliant Garnets, ethereal Moonstones, and the ever-graceful Chalcedony (pronounced: cal said knee) make for a gleaming collection of nationalistic colors. And added bonus with these beauties, they have known origins making them right on trend for those sustainable, ethical customers. And since the same group usually wants something unique but still Instagram worthy, cabochon cut stones in reds, whites, and blues are sure to be a home run, with colorful little bubbles gleaming on their phones.

Luxury, all the way – Ruby, Diamonds and Blue Sapphires

swas-patriotic-stones-ruby swas-patriotic-stones-diamond swas-patriotic-stones-blue-sapphire

…the bigger the better. Encompassing three of the four ‘majors’ stones, sorry Emerald no green in this pride, Ruby, Diamond, and Blue Sapphire are sure to leave your customers feeling patriotic and proud. Ruby has such a rich tone and when partnered with the smooth blue of Sapphires you have a winning combination. Add Diamonds to the mix and you get a pop of sparkle comparable to fireworks– the best of all worlds. If you are feeling ever so adventurous and in the luxury market, add a blue Diamond to the mix. Simply irresistible and an always appreciated solution Ruby, Diamond, and Blue Sapphire can be found in all shapes, sizes, and budgets.

Call our gemstone specialists and they will share all the fabulous red, white, and blue options that can be paired together for a beautiful 4th of July showcase display and celebration. Happy and safe Independence Day to you and yours!

What’s your favorite red, white, or blue stone? Let us know in the comments below!


Sam Larson

Former Director of Gemstones