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Sell With a Story: Moissanite

Excellent quality. Maximum sparkle. Minimum cost.

There’s nothing better than giving your customers the perfect piece of jewelry that they have always dreamed of. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind engagement ring or a pair of everyday stud earrings, making sure that they sparkle is a top priority. When it comes to Moissanite, the glimmer that comes from this exquisite gemstone is absolutely radiant. Not only does it shine bright, but it’s also incredibly durable when standing up to everyday wear. On top of all of this, Moissanite has a fantastic price point that’s sure to put a smile on any customer’s face. Moissanite truly is the all-in-one gemstone.

More Brilliance for Less

The idea of using a Moissanite as a bridal center stone instead of a diamond has become ever so popular over most recent years. Not only does it allow for a younger generation to get the larger carat size that they have always wanted, but they also won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Per carat, your customers can get a larger Moissanite at a significantly lower price than a diamond of the same size.  

Not only is the price point attractive, but the unmatched brilliance that sparkles from across the room is stunning. This lively, durable gem offers each customer the exciting opportunity to wear a spark of a fire in anything they choose to use Moissanite in. Make sure to showcase these budget-friendly, colorless gemstones to emulate dazzling diamond stud earrings, engagement rings, pendants, and more whenever your customer wants to wear a little bit more sparkle.

moissanite rings

A Distinguished Sparkle You Can See  

Here at Stuller, we offer two brands of Moissanite, both of which are eye clean, loupe clean, and high quality. Our Charles & Colvard Forever One® Moissanite is best for your customers who want the finest of all lab-grown Moissanite. This assortment of Moissanite comes with a lifelong warranty that protects your gemstones forever from scratching, chipping, and breaking. Stuller Moissanite™ is the perfect option for customers who want to maximize their budget when picking Moissanite out for their jewelry. Both brands of Moissanite are of the same excellent quality. 

When it comes to Moissanite, they are the best options for diamond simulants. Thanks to their durability and hardness, these colorless lab-grown gemstones are less likely to be fractured, scratched, or chipped. These key factors make it a great option for your customers to pick from when looking for a great piece to wear daily. A Moissanite gemstone is known for its ability to flicker an eternal rainbow more than a diamond. When compared to other colorless gemstones, it’s easy to say that a Moissanite will always sparkle the most, if not twice as much. 

For more information on Moissanite and to see a visual comparison of our other colorless options, watch our video, Moissanite: The Ultimate Colorless Gemstone.  

Making Jewelry Dreams a Reality 

In a full range of shapes and sizes, there’s a Moissanite to fit every customer’s needs. Our selection has 15 shapes and even more cuts to choose from. These include on-trend and classic options as well as rose-cut stones. Stuller always tries to make the customization process seamless by adding more shapes for your customers to choose from. Just like the Antique Cushion shape that was recently added. Our premium brands are also available for your customers in colorless, near-colorless, and a variety of fancy color options. With all of these options for customization, helping shoppers create the perfect piece is easy. 

Our Moissanite offerings have an unmatched brilliance that sparkles from across the room. The attractive price point adds to its dazzling impact, making any jewelry dream a reality. With this gemstone, the sky’s the limit.

Make sure to check out more benefits that come from choosing a Moissanite gemstone at , by watching our video Moissanite: The Ultimate Colorless Gemstone, or by viewing our most recent 2021 Lab-Grown Moissanite brochure.


Sam Larson

Former Director of Gemstones