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Sell With a Story: Gemstones of Love

Discover top gemstone types that celebrate, commemorate, and complement every type of love with Stuller's stunning assortment.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve got love on the brain and heart eyes for all things brilliant! This February, we’re taking a new spin on our approach to stunning gemstones for the occasion using symbolization.

Just as a gemstone carries upwards of billions of years of history, love can feel like a similar journey of unique memories and firsts. With this in mind, our team has selected five center or accent stone ideas that are perfect for symbolizing different types of love, completing any cherished piece.

Read on to see our top picks of eye-catching gemstones that are sure to have anyone smitten, from proposals and anniversaries to any milestone in between.

Finding the Right Match

We know that the perfect, glimmering center or accent stone tends to make a lasting impression — and for a treasure that’s to last for years to come, finding the right one can take research while keeping physical durability and visual appeal in mind. But, what about emotional significance? 

At its core, love often invites us to take risks, leading us to places we’ve never been; it contains multitudes in the way that a gemstone is multifaceted. When looking to offer a gemstone that feels personal and true to any type of love, keep these enchanting options top-of-mind:

A New Love: Morganite

For a new love that celebrates the start of forever, our team chose sweet, delicate Morganite.

Although considered one of the more pale-shaded gemstones, Morganite remains one of the most captivating in its class thanks to its versatility as both feminine and sophisticated. Of the beryl variety, Morganite’s range of pastel pink and peach hues make it seem delicate in smaller sizes but radiate a richer base in larger carat sizes. 

Explore Morganite as a stunning, unique center stone, or as an accent to milestone pieces for a softer touch.

Modern Love: Moissanite

A fresh, modern love boasts more than new beginnings — it holds endless opportunities for exploration, romance, and creating your own story.

Famously named a diamond alternative, Lab-Grown Moissanite is a beautiful option for brides-to-be with its durability, reflective properties, and affordable price. Resistant to scratching and great for daily wear, this gemstone is a confident choice for an engagement ring center stone and offers unmistakable brilliance with double refraction; the higher its refractive index (RI), the better the fire.

Offered in both colored and colorless options, Stuller’s assortment of Lab-Grown Moissanite provides an option that still fills the room with sparkle and adorns a modern love perfectly.

Bold, Passionate Love: Ruby

The ultimate symbol of passion, romance, and prosperity, what better way to encapsulate a bold love than with alluring, mesmerizing Ruby?

Known for its historic title as one of the most treasured gemstone types, Ruby demands attention with a charm that cannot be replicated and captures anyone in its range of deep, dazzling reds. Durable and intense, this gemstone is perfect for anyone looking to customize and create pieces that remind the wearer of a love that feels royal, precious, and everlasting.

Explore the radiance of Ruby and commemorate a bold love with this enchanting gemstone that will enhance any piece in any size and shape. To mark 15th and 40th-anniversary milestones, try enhancing an anniversary band with Ruby for a pop of color that feels truly special.

A Once in a Lifetime Love: Sapphire

A moment in time — one glance that leads to the start of forever. Coveted by many, a once-in-a-lifetime love transforms our expectations and ignites our imagination. Similarly, the sultry effect of Sapphire makes it one of the best gemstone options to adorn those that feel like they’re in a fairytale romance.

Another dazzling addition hailing from the corundum family, Sapphire holds a reputation of being historically coveted and cherished by royalty in both the real world and in entertainment. Few people forget the impact of pieces like Princess Diana’s famous ring, or Rose’s diamond and Sapphire necklace in “Titanic,” marked, “the heart of the ocean.” Available in 11 colors and 16 shapes, Stuller’s assortment encourages anyone to live in a world of color with this popular gemstone.

A symbol of insight and inner peace in ancient lore, this gemstone holds mystery and magic, making it the perfect signifier of intense, true love.

A Timeless Love: Diamond

Perhaps the most obvious — diamonds! Valued throughout history for its rarity and appeal, this gemstone reigns supreme when it comes to finding a classic, unforgettable impression of love.

Just as timeless love feels second to none, a diamond can represent its journey of multiplicities, commitment, and celebrations. Precious, and made of one single element, diamonds have remained objects of desire throughout history due to their unique, extraordinary structure and unmistakable shine.

An eternal symbol of commitment, diamonds also signify 10th and 60th anniversaries, making them a signature choice for couples that want to honor their everlasting connection.

A World of Possibility

From brand-new love to romance and passion that transcends a lifetime, one thing remains true: like a gemstone, love is faceted and full of opportunity. With Valentine’s Day on the way, keep today’s gemstone picks from our experts nearby, and find ways to uniquely add a pop of color or extra thought into that special piece that the wearer is sure to appreciate.

The great news? No matter the request, Stuller’s assortment has you covered with eye-catching diamonds and gemstones that dazzle, glimmer, and shine whenever you need them to! Our experts are always here to help you find the perfect addition to any style and design and our shopping experience on aims to bring you ultimate confidence when guiding your customers. Whether you’re on the search for a showstopping center stone or unique accents, rely on Stuller for your diamond and gemstone needs.

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