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If You Were a Gemstone, Which Would You Be?

Brilliant results from our August blog poll

In July, we hosted Gemstone Month – a celebration of all things gemstones – on Pinterest. We shared new styles, fun facts, loose stones, gem art, and much more. And if you stopped by our Stuller Blog and Twitter  during the month, you probably noticed our poll question:

If you were a gemstone, which would you be?


Choices included several popular gemstones like ruby, morganite, emerald, and opal. Can you guess which stone took the crown? It was too close to call! The winners were (drumroll please) . . .

Sapphire and Alexandrite

sapphire or alexandrite gemstones

The two ran neck-and-neck the entire month. Sapphire reigned supreme on Twitter by 10%, while Alexandrite took the Stuller Blog poll by one vote.

After tallying the results, we wanted to know more. Why were these two stones chosen over all the dazzling gemstone options we gave? Why wasn’t Ruby’s passionate red recognized? What about Opal’s rainbow rays? We had to know, so we consulted our gemstone team (comprised of over 15 experts with more than 150 years of experience combined) to weigh in.


Stanley Zale – VP of Diamonds & Gemstones

sapphire or alexandrite stanley zaleWhy Sapphire?

I think sapphire is the most popular gemstone because of its availability in such a variety of colors. For that reason alone, it makes sense why the stone was chosen by so many.


Why Alexandrite?

To me, alexandrite is the stone for connoisseurs. When alexandrites are at their best, there is no other stone as beautiful and magical.


If you were a gemstone, which would you be?

If I had to choose between sapphire or alexandrite, I pick alexandrite. But I’d really like to say Rainbow Moonstone; it appeals to my inner non-conformist.


Ashley Corley – Gemstones Product Manager

Wsapphire or alexandrite ashley corleyhy Sapphire?

Sapphire comes in such a variety of colors, from pink, white, purple, yellow to the ever-so-popular deep blue. It’s hard and durable – perfect for daily wear. It’s a prevailing choice as the center in both bridal and fashion jewelry rings. Plus, the history of this stone is rich, colorful, and linked to royalty.


Why Alexandrite?

Alexandrite’s changing colors offer a stunning “wow” factor to any jewelry piece. Also, the transition from daylight, a deep green, to candlelight, a beautiful purplish hue, is like no other gemstone. These gems are pretty rare, another reason they’re so sought after.


Sapphire or Alexandrite, which would you be?

I personally love sapphires. My favorite, a Natural Berry Sapphire, has a raspberry pink tint to it. And the coolest thing about this variety is that the stone isn’t heat treated to produce that color. Mother Nature created that all on her own!


Mandy LeBlanc – Gemstones Assistant Product Manager

Why Sasapphire or alexandrite mandy leblancpphire?

I believe sapphire was a top choice because of its popularity and prestige. When you think of a gemstone, a blue sapphire immediately comes to mind. Thanks Princess Diana!


Why Alexandrite?

I think alexandrite was picked because of its color change phenomena. This stone changes from violet to green depending on the light source. How cool is that?


Sapphire or Alexandrite, which would you be?

Out of sapphire or alexandrite, I’d want to be a sapphire. This stone symbolizes individuality to me. It comes in many different hues due to the trace elements found in sapphire’s chemical make-up. Much like in people, our past experiences (like the stone’s trace elements) make up the type of person we have become.


Nanette Albarado – Gemstone QA Manager

Why Ssapphire or alexandrite nanette albaradoapphire?

With such a wide color variety to choose from, I completely understand why sapphire was picked. It’s also extremely durable and makes for a fabulous center stone.


Why Alexandrite?

I think alexandrite was chosen because of the two totally different colors fused in a single stone. There are not many stones with such an extraordinary trait.


Sapphire or Alexandrite, which would you be?

I would love to be a sapphire! Their hardness is incredible and they come in a variey of colors. But if I must narrow it down, I would be a Ceylon Blue Sapphire – bold in color and easy on the eyes.


So there you have it! Uniqueness, durability, and variety are the most-desired characteristics when it comes to top gemstone choices. And as you can see, when it comes to sapphire or alexandrite, these two deliver in all of these categories.

So let’s hear it. If you were a gemstone, would you be sapphire or alexandrite? Why? Let us know in the comments below!


Nichole Guillory

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