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Behold Our Latest Blossom: Rose Cut Moissanite

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Charles & Colvard presents Rose Cut Moissanite as their latest gemstone offering

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There’s a New Bloom in Town

Charles & Colvard pays homage to old world charm with their rose cut moissanite gemstones. Shining a new light on an antique stone, this beautiful bloom bursts with romantic charm. They’ve combined the premier quality of colorless Forever One™ moissanite with precision cutting to achieve the pinnacle of the rose cut.

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A Cut from Eras Past

Originating in the 1500s, this vintage cut features a flat base with a domed top that resembles the petals of a rosebud. Cut by hand at a time when tools were not as advanced, this gem tops off at 24 facets, exhibiting a soft luster. Popular during the Georgian and Victorian eras, the beauty of the cut was maximized by the diffused lighting of candles.

The Flower on Top

Because a rose cut gem has a domed top and no pavilion, the surface area appears larger than a different cut of the same size. With moissanite, customers can choose a larger size and stay within their budget. It’s available in sizes 2.5mm to 9.0mm.

Rose Cut Moissanite Stones

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A Fresh Perspective

The beauty of rose cut gems has never been lost, though popularity waned when round and brilliant cuts were made available. There has been a resurgence of this particular cut ever since Justin Theroux proposed to Jennifer Aniston back in 2012, as well as a growing interest with vintage-inspired styles in general.

Rose cut moissanite lends antique appeal to modern designs. Its lustrous glow makes it a versatile choice suitable to many different designs, whether a classic prong setting or within the clean lines of a chic bezel setting. And they’re just perfect for springtime when everything around us starts to bloom.

Rose Cut Moissanite Pink Gemstones

Try on the Rose Cut Moissanite Trend

Rose cut stones are in fashion. Today’s consumers are very interested in moissanite, too. So what better way to cater to the market’s desires than to offer Rose Cut Moissanite? These flat-backed beauties fit nicely into bezel settings, just like most cabochons. This unleashes a world of jewelry possibilities— from bezel-set cocktail studs to charming necklaces and everything in between. And with large sizes also available, they may just become your best-selling engagement ring centerpieces.

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