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Ring Pairings for the Perfect Match

Five ring pairings to fit five types of couples

Finding the perfect pair of rings can be a daunting task for any couple. With endless options, where do they even start? The input and guidance of a jeweler can never be replaced. Someone who gets to know them and steers them toward rings that fit perfectly together just like they do as a couple is invaluable.

As you get to know your customers, you may find their personalities and activities lend them to a certain style of rings. Our team has placed an engagement ring to its matching men’s band to fit five types of personalities of couples seeking your advice. Check out our ring pairings below and get started on your own selections on

For the Edgy Couple

The Edgy Couple goes against the traditional grain. While some think of light and airy aesthetics when it comes to weddings, this couple prefers the dark and moody. Perhaps they spend their free time enjoying a cup of coffee in a local indie café or browsing the shelves of a bookstore. Their tastes prefer styles that are different and atypical.

For this couple, we suggest rings that match their edgy appeal. Strong and ready for a personalized custom finish, a tantalum beveled-edge band (52333) pairs perfectly with an accented engagement ring (124673) set with a black diamond. The art deco-inspired style and unusual stone choice are sure to catch eyes and are perfect for the couple looking for something different.


For the Fashion-Forward Couple

The Fashion-Forward Couple is on the cutting-edge of trending styles. Personable and always looking their best, they are bold and love to be seen. You might find this fashionable pair out shopping together or grabbing a bite to eat from the most popular or newest restaurant where they might meet up with friends. Their tastes prefer styles that catch the eye and are the next great thing to have.

For this couple, we suggest rings that stand out and incorporate up and coming styles. Mixing classic and contemporary metals in a band, such as a black PVD and gold-plated tungsten grooved band (TAR51911), makes for a very bold statement. Pair that band with a two-stone triangle diamond engagement ring (124373) to have rings that people will talk about. Two trillion style diamonds with a baguette diamond in the middle creates a faux hexagon shape center, which creates a unique twist on the rising trend.


For the Budget-Friendly Couple

The Budget-Friendly Couple enjoys having style, but preferably at a lower price point. Always financially conscious, this couple loves every opportunity where they can save. This couple might limit the number of times they go out to eat or drink every month and save over time in order to make larger purchases. They likely spend time together simply enjoying each other’s company by walking in the park or cooking together. Their tastes prefer styles that they connect with emotionally, but also fit in their budget.

For this couple, we suggest using quality materials that meet their goals. For the wedding band, consider a black titanium domed polished band (T805). Pair it with a classic solitaire engagement ring (124702) set with either a lab-grown diamond or moissanite. By looking at expanded options in metals and stones, you will surely find something for every budget.


For the Luxe Life Couple

The Luxe Life Couple enjoys the finer things in life. From the finest food to the classiest of styles, this couple wants the best. You’ll find this couple dining out regularly and enjoying an evening cocktail at their favorite jazz club. They also take every chance to surprise each other with gifts and special experiences. Their tastes prefer styles that are bold, beautiful, and fabulous.

For this couple, we suggest styles that incorporate platinum and accent stones. A diamond set platinum eternity band (122254) provides strength as well as luxury in a wedding band choice. When paired with a double halo-style platinum engagement ring (123869), the ultimate luxe life couple will find their perfect pair of rings.


For the Old Souls Couple

The Old Souls Couple enjoys classic detailing and vintage stylings. A traditional couple at heart, this couple enjoys nights in watching old movies and scrapbooking their memories. Family heirlooms are important to this couple and they might even have a grandparent’s center stone to add to their ring. Their tastes prefer old-fashioned, but timeless styles seen in vintage jewelry that inspires nostalgia.

For this couple, we suggest classic and vintage style jewelry, such as a milgrain half round comfort fit edge band (MGRE10) paired with a vintage-inspired engagement ring (123983). This ring pairing boasts details that are enduring and can be passed down for generations to come.


Making the Sale with Ring Pairings

Learning about the personalities of your customers are the trick to any sale. Getting to know the couple together opens new doors to finding what rings will fit them best. Take the time to find out their interests, their activities, their hobbies, their preferences, and more. The better you know them, the better you will be able to guide them to their perfect match.

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