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How Pedro Ferreiro Scored Big With RhinoGold

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See how this accomplished jewelry designer earns international acclaim

Pedro Ferreiro, an accomplished designer from the Canary Islands, won the coveted 2017 JMA International Design Competition, one of the most prestigious honors for jewelry designers worldwide


Pedro Ferreiro RhinoGold HeadshotMeet Pedro Ferreiro

Pedro Ferreiro makes his mark mastering jewelry design. Born in Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, Pedro began his studies in Barcelona and later in Milano. After schooling, he moved to Thailand and worked for a local company as a designer. Years later, Pedro returned to his hometown where he currently designs his own collections.

Pedro Ferreiro is no stranger to accolades; he earned the Diamond International Award in 1992 and 2000. He has even lent a hand designing collections for the Spanish Royal House.

Pedro, you recently won one of the most prestigious jewelry design awards in the world, specifically in the best 3D design category. What does this recognition mean to you?

To me, any competition is a challenge and pushes my skillset to the limit. For that reason, these design competitions require competitors to create fervently, resulting in the most spectacular designs in the world. It is humbling to be honored with one of these prestigious awards. It means that as a designer, this award gives greater depth and projection to my career.

Pedro Ferreiro RhinoGold JMA Design 2017 Winner

Where did you get the inspiration to design this winning piece?

The competition centered on creating treasures. Because I’m from a little island off of Spain’s mainland, the sea is extremely important to our livelihood. So for me, the sea is my treasure.

My design is called Chrysaora, named after a genus of jellyfish from the Pacific. This jellyfish population grows larger and larger as the Earth’s temperature gets warmer, reminding us all that we must be careful with our behavior and how we treat the Earth. Chrysaora represents all of this. I incorporated pearls, white gold to represent the sea, and stones flowing in and out of the design, alive with movement just like the sea.

Pedro Ferreiro RhinoGold JMA 2017 Winning Design

How did Rhinogold assist you on this design?

As a designer, my mind is always on as I imagine new shapes and designs. Before I had RhinoGold, I was limited on how I could bring these designs to life. Today, thanks to RhinoGold software, there are no barriers when it’s time to design— I can create anything that comes to mind!

For the competition as well as with customers in general, RhinoGold allows you to create a realistic render. This means I don’t have to produce the design until it is approved by my customer (or competition judges), saving both time and money.


How has RhinoGold improved your business?

As a jeweler, I must constantly adapt my business to the present, and the present is digitally-driven. From a sales perspective, all my customers have a smartphone in their pockets. So for me, it’s much easier to reach them by sending my designs through messaging platforms. Also, if I need to promote my designs, I can create a design and promote the render on my digital channels through social media posts, etc.

On the production side, from the moment I started using RhinoGold, I was able to create designs that have been in my head for quite some time but could never figure out a way to make them happen. Now thanks to RhinoGold, there are no limits! I can start with either an original design sketch or search the software’s library to create something more mainstream. No matter the case, RhinoGold helps with any design.

Pedro Ferreiro RhinoGold Store Interior

Thank you, Pedro Ferreiro for sharing your story. We wish you continued success in your career! – Oriol Collelldemont, RhinoGold Product Manager



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