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Religious Jewelry Trends to Observe the Spiritual Season

Celebrate your faith with these fashionable religious jewelry trends and pieces

Did you receive a copy of Celebrate Your Faith, Stuller’s latest religious jewelry brochure? Our 2020 edition features the latest religious jewelry trends, from spiritual styles to saints medals, personalization, cross necklaces, and more.

I couldn’t narrow down my favorite pieces, so my team and I decided on four trends that held extra appeal to us. Check them out below!

4 Religious Jewelry Trends for 2020

Trend 1: Spiritual Jewelry

87017• 86942 • 86851 • R45415 • R16487 • 86843 • 86975 • R45414 • 86974

This particular trend allows new ways of expressing one’s own personal beliefs. From jewelry featuring the Evil Eye to Hamsa, Buddha, lotus flower, and other necklaces, this look features an impressive selection of spiritual jewelry. You’ll have the pieces you need to celebrate all walks of faith.

         86942                  R45415             86975

Trend 2: Saints Medals

R5024 • R5020 • R5023 • R16382 • R5052 • R5060 • 652596 • R16390
 R5036 • R43103 • R43105


Saints medals are a religious jewelry staple, beloved by everyone, from grandparents to grandchildren, firefighters to police, and more. Each piece has a special meaning associated with that particular saint. Explain the story of the saint behind the medals you stock, and let them know what other options are available.

               R43105             R16390             R5060

Trend 3: Personalized

86668 • CH228 • R45409 • 86758 • R45320 • 87088
 • 87130 • 87087 • R42351 

The ability to put a personal touch on jewelry is just another wonderful form of expression. Whether by layering multiple pieces, engraving your own message, or choosing a special bible verse, there are endless ways to make a piece individually yours.

                 87087             87089          R45320

Trend 4: Crosses in All Shapes and Sizes

87165 • R42379 • R42359R42309 • CH123 • R42323
R42356 • R42388 • R42382 • 653455

From diamond to petite to sideways, cross necklaces come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a traditional cross or a fashion-forward option, crosses are having their moment, and the possibilities are endless. Seeking that upsell? Show your customers their options for layering. Not that there’s anything wrong with a single beautiful cross necklace, but layering is one of our ways to wear these!

      R42388                     653455         R42382

Shop the Entire 2020 Religious Lookbook

Okay, so I may say this every time, but this is one of my favorite publications ever. And I hope it becomes one of yours, too! The photography is simply sublime, and the brochure is perfect for use throughout spring and throughout the rest of 2020.

What pieces are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


Alisse Keil

Former Product Manager, Fine Jewelry

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