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Reintroducing: Modern Brilliance®

Discover fresh, new additions in Stuller's lab-grown diamond jewelry collection.

Continuing their growth in popularity among consumers and within the jewelry industry, lab-grown diamonds have surely made a name for themselves among their natural counterparts in the market. With the demands and interests of contemporary retailers and consumers in mind, Stuller first introduced its lab-grown diamond jewelry collection in 2019 — Modern Brilliance®, a solution for achievable elegance.

According to analysts with The MVEye, a market research and strategic consulting firm within our industry, a 2022 consumer study of 1,273 participants showed that consumer awareness of lab-grown diamonds is consistently increasing and holding steady.

Additionally, consumers showed 48% interest in lab-grown diamond fashion jewelry, 16% in bridal, and 31% in both. Research continues to show that lab-grown diamond jewelry is a preferred choice based on its flexibility in style and in price.

As industry experts dedicated to bringing you the best-valued product coupled with our ever-growing assortment and services, our teams at Stuller offer our lab-grown diamond jewelry collection as a solution for all businesses. In short, Modern Brilliance encourages any customer to build their collection at their own pace with enticing price points that provide the same quality, luxury, and shine.

Read on as we dive into the details of all things Modern Brilliance, Stuller’s lab-grown diamond fine jewelry collection.

What is Modern Brilliance?

Whether you’re new to the diamond jewelry scene or new to Stuller’s expansive offering, you might be wondering, “What is Modern Brilliance, and what does it entail?”

As Stuller’s lab-grown diamond jewelry collection, Modern Brilliance aims to offer confidence and attainable luxury to both businesses and consumers through our curated assortment of bridal, fine jewelry, and findings. Set exclusively with lab-grown diamonds, each style of this curated selection is thoughtfully and carefully designed to expand opportunities in the jewelry space.

Updated throughout the year, our fine jewelry team brings you on-trend and timeless additions to the collection, from everyday essentials to bold, statement pieces. With these additions, our Modern Brilliance assortment gives consumers the flexibility to create, experience, and commemorate life’s journeys with the unmistakable shine of lab-grown diamonds — the same beauty and appeal of diamond jewelry at price points that accommodate their budget.

To stay up to date on new additions, best-selling styles, and all things Modern Brilliance, check out our newly updated webpage that dives into the showstopping brilliance of lab-grown diamond jewelry, backed by Stuller’s extensive, zero-tolerance approach to diamond authenticity.

Benefits of Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

Now that we’ve explored the vision and purpose of our Modern Brilliance collection, we want to address the answer to an important question you might have: what are the benefits and advantages of lab-grown diamond jewelry? 

Simply put, there are equal advantages for both you and your customers — it all comes down to knowing the needs and goals of your business.

As pioneers of lab-grown diamonds within the jewelry space, Stuller remains dedicated to the customer and end consumer on industry needs. By properly forecasting and researching the demand and successes of lab-grown melee and diamonds within our assortment, our fine jewelry team saw an opportunity to offer finished jewelry. Thus, Modern Brilliance was created!

The appeal of diamond jewelry is classic, and timeless — with lab-grown diamond jewelry, we wanted to display and guarantee that same reliability with a fresh approach. With an attractive price point, lab-grown diamond jewelry expands the space in which consumers can now enjoy classic, luxury, and statement pieces within their budget and their lifestyle.

When expanding your diamond jewelry assortment to offer lab-grown diamond-set options, you display to customers the opportunity that your business can provide, giving them the choice to find a piece that fits their needs. Seeing lab-grown diamond jewelry as an addition to your offering rather than a detraction is key: the customer has the freedom to choose diamond jewelry they can enjoy and afford while building a strong, stable relationship with you and your business.

At its core, the goal of Modern Brilliance continues to be just that: the balance of confidence for both businesses and consumers to see the benefits of lab-grown diamonds, and lab-grown diamond jewelry. 

As always, Stuller remains dedicated to ongoing educational and innovative research and resources that keep you top-of-mind, especially with our position in the industry regarding the opportunities of lab-grown diamonds.

A Curated Collection

Let your light shine in Modern Brilliance — set entirely with lab-grown diamonds, browse our curated selection of bridal, fine jewelry, and findings that offer on-trend, achievable style at the right price point, every time.


Explore lab-grown diamond bridal jewelry that shines for any couple with styles that range from modern to classic.

Fine Jewelry

Celebrate life’s moments with lab-grown diamond jewelry pieces that bring brilliance to any occasion.


Add showstopping shine and luxury to your designs with lab-grown diamond shanks, dangles, links, and more.

Your Complete Resource

Continuously updated in bridal, fine jewelry, and findings, Modern Brilliance provides a selection of classic and on-trend pieces that inspire anyone to let their light shine, making it an incredible solution to offer alongside your diamond jewelry assortment. Be sure to stay tuned throughout the year as our fine jewelry team provides new additions that keep the collection freshly updated with pieces that are sure to be popular for the season.

As always, our teams at Stuller strive to bring you industry-leading quality and confidence in price, process, and performance with every piece — when it comes to all things lab-grown diamonds, rely on us to be your one-stop resource in education, product assortment, and transparency.

We hope you enjoy all that’s in store for Modern Brilliance!


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