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Raise A Glass: Wedding Day Jewelry 2023

Explore our new wedding day brochure and webpage to find curated jewelry gifts for the entire bridal party.

Wedding day jewelry is a memorable keepsake that the wearer will cherish — a constant reminder of the heartfelt emotions shared on the big day. When two people in love become united in marriage, it’s a momentous occasion for the happy couple and for those who have supported them along the way.

We’re excited to introduce our 2023 Wedding Day Jewelry brochure and new webpage which will help you outfit the entire wedding party in the perfect jewelry looks. You’ll find the most on-trend pieces at varying price points that will suit any budget.

Wedded Bliss

You’ve probably heard about the traditional English rhyme dating back to the late 1800s that details a few things a bride should wear at her wedding to ensure a happy marriage.

Something old,

something new,

something borrowed,

something blue,

and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

So, what’s the meaning behind the items in the poem? Something old is said to provide protection for the baby to come. The new item represents optimism for the couple’s future. The borrowed item provides good luck, while the something blue is a sign of purity and fidelity. The sixpence, a British silver coin, symbolizes prosperity.

Call it superstitious or not, many modern brides opt to incorporate those elements as accessories in their wedding day ensemble. The best way to do that is with jewelry, of course! From timeless pieces to statement looks, Stuller is ready to help you deliver noteworthy details to create a dream wedding look for her moment in the spotlight and for all those who are closest to her.

Dreamy Bridal Looks

Jewelry is the flawless foundation to creating a statement look for her big day. Bring on the shine with our curated collection of bridal jewelry designed to match her gorgeous glow. She has the engagement ring — now it’s time for you to help her pick out her wedding band, earrings, necklace, and whatever else she may need to complete the look for her special day.

The Bridesmaids

She’ll want to show her appreciation for her bridesmaids and maid of honor. They’ve stood by her side and cheered her on through many milestones. As the girls are getting their hair and makeup done together on the wedding day, the bride may choose to present their gifts. Thoughtful jewelry that effortlessly transitions from wedding day to every day makes the perfect gift of gratitude. 

For The Moms

Let’s not forget about jewelry gifts for the mothers of the bride and groom. When the bride shares a private moment with mom before the ceremony, elegant jewelry is a touching gift to thank the woman who loved her first.

Jewelry Restyling For New Beginnings

Instead of the traditional take on “something old, something new,” this is a great chance to turn the bride’s something old into something new with jewelry restyling. Reimagine an heirloom diamond or gemstone into a style that captures the essence of the original piece while giving new life to it in a unique way for the bride.

Something Blue

When brides search for their something blue, show them jewelry featuring beautiful blue gems such as natural sky-blue topaz, aquamarine, Swiss blue topaz, natural blue sapphire, and our lab-grown blue sapphires. We have many options to incorporate hues of blue in our rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  

For The Guys

Coordinate handsome jewelry looks for all the guys in the wedding party including the groom, the best man, the groomsmen, fathers of the bride and groom, and more. Our offering contains a diverse selection of gold, platinum, silver, and tungsten bands. Take it a step further with monogrammed cuff links or our dog tags engraved with their names or initials.  

Tribute Jewelry

Couples often try to find ways to incorporate loved ones who have passed into their big day. You can assist the couple in honoring the remembrance of a loved one with tribute jewelry that brings deeper meaning to cherished connections. Our memorial jewelry collection includes heart lockets, engravable scroll pendants, angel wing earrings and pendants, cross charm bracelets and necklaces, plus much more.

Raise A Glass

No matter what part of the wedding day experience your customer is shopping for, Stuller is your one-stop shop for bridal and wedding party jewelry gifts. With so many different styles, you are sure to find something the entire bridal party will enjoy. So, Raise a Glass to helping customers celebrate all the wedding festivities to come!


Emily Graffagnino

Executive Director of Fine Jewelry and Gemstones

I've been with Stuller since 2010 • Spending time in my rose beds makes me happy • I sing Don Williams songs too often and probably too loud • Every gift needs a bow • When in doubt, channel your inner Gene Kranz. "Work the problem, expect to succeed."