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Stuller Inc. Now Accepting Bridal Designs for March Bridal Madness

Lafayette, LA (10 June 2022) – Gemvision is releasing its first paid upgrade MatrixGold® 3. The new tools and significant improvements streamline the design process and increase productivity. “MatrixGold 3 is the result of the feedback collected from our customers,” says Gemvision’s product director Oriol Collelldemont. “Listening to them allows us to continue transforming our software to meet their business needs.”  

New additions include:

  • Gems Placer: This tool improves the placement of stones on any surface, mesh, and polysurface. With keyboard shortcuts, you can scale, rotate, move on the Z-axis, and select symmetry. The new functionality also helps you to avoid gem overlapping.
  • Custom Gems Builder: With the Custom Gem Builder, you can create a gem from any closed curve you have in the document. The user controls the facets, table height, crown height, crown angle, girdle thickness, pavillion amount, and culet depth.
  • MSR on Gems: This tool allows you to transform a gem using viewport control handles to move, scale, and rotate. It can also modify multiple gems simultaneously. Each gem moves according to the direction it´s facing.
  • MSR On Objects: This tool allows you to transform an object using viewport control handles to move, scale and rotate. It also can modify multiple objects simultaneously. Each object moves according to the direction it is facing.
  • Pull to Rail: This tool allows you to flex an object, such as a bezel or head to the ring rail.
  • Advanced Signet Ring: This tool allows you to choose between an automatic mode or manual mode. The automatic mode allows you to design a signet ring in just a few clicks, while in the manual mode, the user will have the option to edit the profiles curves from the Profile Editor.
  • Proxy Gem: This tool allows you to edit many gems using a single base gem as a control.

“We are excited about the release of this new catalog,” says Graffagnino. “And our hope is that it helps our customers grow their business all year long.”

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About Gemvision
Acquired by Stuller in 2009, Gemvision is a provider of innovative jewelry solutions with a global network of authorized dealers serving jewelry professionals worldwide. Headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, Gemvision also has an office in Barcelona, Spain.

About Stuller
In 1970, Matthew Stuller founded Stuller Inc. headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana. The prime manufacturer provides a wide range of goods and services for jewelry professionals worldwide. Stuller’s core product categories include bridal jewelry, wedding bands, fine jewelry, mountings, diamonds, gemstones, findings, metals, tools, packaging, and digital solutions.