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 Gemvision, A Stuller Company, introduces MatrixGold® 3.8 

 Lafayette, LA (24 May 2024) – Gemvision is excited to unveil the latest software update, MatrixGold 3.8, which is now seamlessly compatible with Rhino 8, the newest iteration of that software. This integration introduces a range of supplementary features aimed at enriching your design journey. 

“The new update, MatrixGold 3.8, is a significant leap forward in user experience and performance,” says Oriol Collelldemont, product director for Gemvision. 

Some notable enhancements in Rhino 8 include 

  • ShrinkWrap – simplifying the process of preparing designs for 3D printing, ensuring efficiency without compromising quality. 
  • Auto Cplane – auto-aligns to a selected curve, surface, mesh face, or sub-object, facilitating a seamless design workflow. 
  • Monochrome View – offers a clean, minimal display mode, providing clarity and focus to your design endeavors. 

This latest update is also provided at no additional cost to users who already own licenses for MatrixGold 3 and Rhino 8. To learn more, visit

About Gemvision Acquired by Stuller in 2009, Gemvision is a provider of innovative jewelry solutions with a global network of authorized dealers serving jewelry professionals worldwide. Headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, Gemvision also has an office in Barcelona, Spain.

About Stuller In 1970, Matthew Stuller founded Stuller Inc. headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana. The prime manufacturer provides a wide range of goods and services for jewelry professionals worldwide. Stuller’s core product categories include bridal jewelry, wedding bands, fine jewelry, mountings, diamonds, gemstones, findings, metals, tools, packaging, and digital solutions.