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Portion Control

Wellness Intern, Katie, shares her tips for portion control

I know that most people have heard the phrase “everything in moderation”, but do you really listen to it?  Obviously eating six pieces of cake is not very healthy, but is eating six pineapples alright?  The answer is no.  For optimal health, your diet should consist of a wide variety of different types of food.  No single food is the key to health.  Sure, if you have been on your P’s and Q’s with your diet, it is okay to allow yourself to indulge in that one cookie for dessert on Sunday afternoon.  Just do not eat the whole tray!  In order to help you truly learn the meaning of everything in moderation, I have provided you with a portion control resource guide and size comparison from WebMD.  Portion control is extremely important for weight loss and weight management.  So make sure you are familiar with the proper portion sizes, and the next time someone asks you what one of the most important aspects of nutrition is, you can tell them everything in moderation and actually know what you are talking about!

1 ½ oz cheese

3 oz grilled/baked fish

1 slice of bread

½ cup of cooked rice or ½ cup of cooked rice

2 tbsp of peanut butter or 2 tbsp of hummus

deck of cards
3 oz lean meat & poulty or 1 slice of cake

• 1 cup of cereal flakes • 1 medium fruit • 1 cup of salad greens • 1 cup cooked vegetables

casino chip
• 1 tbsp butter or spread •1 tbsp salad dressing •1 tbsp mayonnaise

How do you moderate your diet? Tell us in the comments section below.


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