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Keeping Things Pinteresting

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How to make sure your Pinterest boards aren’t bored!

According to Pinterest, there are 10 billion recommendations served every day. 10 billion. That’s overwhelming.

As members of the jewelry world, we know we have to maintain an active Pinterest presence to keep up. The platform lends itself well (arguably better than the rest) to our industry’s visual elements. But how can we possibly stand out among 10 billion other pins? Here are the Pinterest tips and tricks I use to keep things Pinteresting in a cluttered social media world!

1. Keep images portrait style

We talk a lot about optimizing your imagery for the specific channel. Facebook cover photos should be this size, but link preview images should be that size. Instagram photos should be square. Twitter favors a landscape style image. Pinterest is no different when it comes to being particular. This platform appreciates portrait style posts! The recommended image aspect ratio is between 2:3 and 2:7. Why is this? Well, let’s take a look at what the average user’s Pinterest feed looks like.

Pinterest tips Screenshot Collage

It’s designed to be a virtual collage. We pin ideas, products, and recommendations to our online boards. The outcome: Nothing short of an organized mess. Users don’t digest content one piece at a time like on Facebook or Instagram. Use portrait style photos to command more real estate and subsequently they attract your potential customers’ attention.

[bctt tweet=”The recommended @Pinterest image aspect ratio is between 2:3 and 2:7, explains @kristynshay 📌” username=”stullerinc”]

2. Beautiful photography + Text overlay

Pinterest is becoming a visual search engine, so the imagery you provide is critical to your pin’s success. Here are the best-kept Pinterest tips when it comes to your product photography:


  • Keep it colorful. Pins with multiple dominant colors have over 3 times more repins than those with a single dominant color.
  • Get up close and personal. Images that have less than 30% whitespace are repinned the most.
  • But no faces. By personal, we mean with the product details. Less than 1/5 of images on Pinterest today include faces.

Here’s an example of the start of a perfect pin:

Pinterest tips Beauty Shot Rings

The next step is to add a little text overlay. Use your photography to capture their attention, and your text to convince them to read your pin description.

Pinterest tips Beauty Shot Rings With Copy

I quickly added this catchy description in Photoshop, but there are plenty of apps out there to get the job done too! (Phonto is one that comes to mind)

3. Searchable pin descriptions with a clear call to action


Congratulations! You have captured someone’s attention in a cluttered feed and convinced him or her to read your pin description. Don’t mess it up here and lose the click. All you have to do is write a clear, keyword rich description with an enticing call to action. Tie it to a link that corresponds with the subject matter, and it’s ready to launch! Let’s take the pin we created above. We would link to our collection of stackable rings and include a description such as:

“If you’re not stackin’ you’re slackin’ this summer!

Click through to shop the summer stackable ring trend.”

Then your final product would look a little something like this:

Pinterest tips Beauty Shot Post

You be the judge! Would you click through to shop?


Here are just a few of our best-kept Pinterest tips!


1. Include pricing. Pins that list the price of the product receive over a third more likes than those that don’t! Sometimes we worry about sticker shock on social media, but when it comes to Pinterest, transparency works in your favor.


2. Engage with others. You cannot just use Pinterest to push out your own content. Follow other industry-related boards. Like and comment on their pins. Create an inspiration board and save pins to it regularly. As a social media platform, Pinterest is still a community at the end of the day! Actively participating will seriously increase engagement in your own content.


3. Promote your pins. Only the best performing ones, though! This is literally the best-kept secret in the social world. Advertising on these platforms can be complicated (managing Facebook ads gives small business owners nightmares), but the Quick Promote feature on Pinterest makes it simple.

Pinterest tips Pin Analytics

Step 1: Find a pin that is already performing better than usual. Choosing a well-performing pin ensures you will get your money’s worth. You can check out a pin’s analytics by clicking on the bar graph icon in the corner.

Pinterest tips Pin Stats Promote

Step 2: Click Promote Pin and the following box will pop up with your advertising options.

Pinterest tips Pin Stats Promote Campaign

All of the fields are pre-populated for you. All you have to do is tweak options to your preference. You may want your budget to be $5 per day instead of $10. Or, for example, some of the suggested keywords may not fit. In this example, I would remove sweets because someone searching for sweets probably isn’t interested in finding loose gemstones! After you’ve made your adjustments, click “Promote,” and you’re done! Give Pinterest the 24-hour window to approve your promotion and then watch your pin go from 28 engagements to 500 in no time!

So there you have it – my secret Pinterest tips for success! If you have any questions, feel free to drop them down below. ALSO: Don’t forget to follow us for your daily dose of Pinspiration.


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