Stackable Rings

Stacks on Stacks: Create Perfect Layered Looks

Shop stackable rings, necklaces, and earrings for the perfect on-trend holiday gift.

The best way to create a personalized fashion statement is through layering fine jewelry pieces. This is why providing stackable rings, necklaces, and earrings could be the greatest game-changer for your business this holiday season. As one of this year’s hottest fashion trends, be prepared to help your customers create read more…

Finding Inspiration Unique Shapes

Finding Inspiration: Fancy Shapes

Newest Shape Settings and Shank Styles Set the Stage for Sparkle.

With fancy shaped stones gaining popularity, it can often be hard to find the perfect setting without creating a custom design to fit these stones. We are excited to introduce our newest assortment of fancy shape settings and shank styles that will let you offer customers even more options. As your partner in customizable jewelry, we want to help you by making it easy to create the rings your customers will cherish forever.  New Side-Stone Settings: Half Moon read more…

Sell With a Story: CAD/CAM & Gemstones in Custom Jewelry

Creating trendy gemstone pieces is easy with these customization services at Stuller.

We are happy to say that when it comes to customization, Stuller is a leader in the production of custom pieces. Whether you are creating an entirely new piece of jewelry from scratch or modifying a 3C design to include a gemstone, Stuller is more than capable of taking on any job and read more…

Memento Mori Jewelry

Frighteningly Beautiful Memento Mori Jewelry

Discover how cultures honor the deceased with these centuries-old pieces of mourning jewelry.

Humans have always had an obsession when it comes to death and the afterlife. It’s the question of what’s next and the distinct mystery and fear of what surrounds our passing. Interest peaks at this time of year as the world celebrates Halloween and then The Day of the Dead on November 1.  Memento mori jewelry read more…

New Content in the MatrixGold Academy

All the information you need to know to make the switch.

It´s always a pleasure to put these blogs together and update our users on what is going on in the world of Gemvision. We are in the later phases of the evolution of some Gemvision products such as Matrix® and RhinoGold®, so I am writing this letter to communicate where we are today and where we’re heading to read more…

Back on the Road: A Recap of AJS 2021

#TeamStuller Shines With Southern Hospitality On Full-Display in Atlanta

The Atlanta Jewelry Show was held this past weekend at the Cobb Galleria Centre and #TeamStuller brought it! After almost two years of events on hold, it’s incredible being back on the trade show floor.   “After almost two years of events on hold, it’s incredible being back on the trade show floor.”  -Lauren Reaux In March of 2020, we attended the show just two weeks before the country shut down read more…

Three Apps to Streamline Your Social Media Management

Let your social media shine with tools straight from our team.

Running a store while upholding your presence on social media can be a daunting job. After a handful of social media consultations*, I decided to go in-depth about one of our most asked questions: “What apps/websites do you recommended for managing my social accounts?” Continue reading for all of the read more…

Dubin’s Fine Jewelry: The Story Behind the Book

Stuller customer creates next chapter with one-of-a-kind design for a greater purpose.

From an early age Jordan Dubin recalls fond and vivid memories of his parents and grandparents reading aloud to him and his brother. As they sat and heard all the wonderful stories unfold, a lifelong love for literacy was born and nurtured. Now as a busy parent himself with five-year-old twin boys, Jordan read more…