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Next-Level Solutions: Gemvision Virtual Summit 2023

Check out what’s in store when you register for one of our most popular online events of the year.

At Stuller, we are always researching ways to bring you unmatched industry insight that’s sure to take your business to new heights — from products and services to in-house expertise and digital, custom solutions, it has always been our goal to offer accessible resources that encourage growth in the jewelry space.

From May 15-19, 2023, attend our 2023 Gemvision Virtual Summit as a great opportunity to experience exclusive access to savvy market trends, the ins and outs of digital software solutions, and decades of industry expertise, at your convenience. When you dive into this 5-day virtual conference, you’ll learn best practices and innovative strategies to boost your custom jewelry business. You will also be trained on how to incorporate Stuller tools, products, and equipment, ranging from comprehensive selling solutions to 3D printing.

Read on for more information on this year’s speakers, sessions, and instructions on how you can register to gain valuable experience and insight you won’t want to miss!

Why Should You Attend?

Whether you’ve attended our past Gemvision events or been unsure as to what you can expect, we hope that this year’s lineup of sessions and speakers are a motivator to take that extra step! After all, knowledge is of the highest value when it comes to growing and understanding your business. 

Here are a few of the major benefits you can expect when you attend our virtual event:

Industry Trends

Our speakers bring you insider information on consumer research and show you how adding Gemvision’s digital solutions can help your custom jewelry services. 

Access To Experts

Learn best practices and techniques from trusted sources in the industry with real-time interaction and networking opportunities.


Hear and contribute stories that spotlight the success of businesses that use Gemvision’s solutions and software.

How To Register

Decades of industry knowledge, all in one place — in 2023, let our Gemvision team give you the tools and resources needed to take your custom jewelry business and services to the next level. 

Become an attendee today by clicking the registration link below, or, for additional questions or assistance with registration, you can speak to a Stuller representative. 

 Please email inquiries to, or, call 800-357-6272 for direct support.

2023 Gemvision Virtual Summit Sessions

Wondering what this event entails? Learn more about this year’s agenda by reading key takeaways for each session.

Uncovering the Jewelry Industry Trends and Insights

May 15, 2023

Looking to learn more about how the jewelry industry stands in today’s market? Gain a deeper understanding of the current and forecasted trends, consumer behavior patterns, and successful business models for a way to confidently navigate your way forward to success.

Bridging the Gap Between Offline and Online Shopping Experience With CounterSketch®

May 16, 2023

While the demand for custom jewelry continues to grow exponentially, it’s more important than ever to establish how your business can deliver the ultimate solution to every customer request. Join this session to learn how you can stay ahead of the game and maximize the customer experience with innovative software and equipment like CounterSketch® and B9Creations™ 3D printers. You’ll also explore convenience and choice with comprehensive selling solutions like ever&ever®.

Switching From Matrix® to MatrixGold® Effortlessly

May 17, 2023

Boost efficiency and discover a faster design workflow when you transition to the latest edition of MatrixGold® 3. Listen to users describe their experience with the software by sharing advantages and tips and tricks for a smooth transition in less than three months — while ensuring steady production in the meantime.

The Biggest Jewelry Trends in Key Markets

May 18, 2023

Discover top jewelry trends in key markets from around the world with our in-house expert, Emily Bute, executive director of product development at Stuller. This session will dive deep into nature-inspired and gender-neutral jewelry trends, while renowned MatrixGold® instructors — Saeed Mortazavi and Mehmet Pekin — showcase the latest jewelry trends in their respective regions.  

Grow Your Business With Stuller Tools and Equipment Solutions

May 19, 2023

Hear from Gemvision, Stuller, and B&D Sales and Service experts on investments for your business that are designed to increase productivity and consistency with attention to detail, ensuring confidence with every piece you create. Our experts will be showcasing a wide range of laser welding and engraving equipment, as well as B9Creations™ 3D printers, highlighting how each can be tailored to suit the unique requirements of your business. 

Rethink, Adapt, and Grow with Stuller

For more information on what you can expect as an attendee, check out our registration webpage to get started — once you’re set, don’t forget to mark your calendar! 

You can also read more on each session of this year’s event, with detailed descriptions of our speakers and their experience in the industry. Be sure to join the conversation on social media using #GemvisionSummit2023.


Yiset Lopez

Gemvision Digital Marketing Manager