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Going Green with Natural Jewelry Packaging

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Celebrate Earth Day with elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air

Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day, an opportunity to reflect on the environment and our relationship with it. So today, we’re bringing outdoor elements to your business. Like nature, your brand is constantly evolving, growing stronger and more prevalent each day. And whether you know it or not, you advertise constantly.

Think beyond traditional channels like local newscasts, magazines, or radio. Your store’s signature packaging is the linchpin of your marketing strategy and secures brand recognition. By choosing a natural look or texture to your totes, ribbons, tissue paper, etc., you identify your brand for eco-conscious customers of all generations. And custom imprinting reminds customers of your brand long after they’ve left the store. After all, strong branding helps create a memorable customer experience, beginning with window shopping all the way through to a satisfied purchase.

Keep your brand grounded

Style, quality, and cost are not the only considerations that drive purchasing decisions these days. Increasingly consumers have committed themselves to take sustainability and social responsibility to heart in all their purchases. So what does this say about the way your customers shop for jewelry? To put it lightly, they expect more. Millennials are more idealistic and connected to the world than any prior generation. Because jewelry is so personal, its refection of social responsibility is that much more important to them.

If you don’t already talk about your stance on environmental issues, take the opportunity to formulate and share this information with customers.  You’ve probably answered the question, “Are these conflict-free diamonds?” countless times, so be proactive when it comes to pushing sustainability and environmental consciousness. And choose natural jewelry packaging to conjure rustic, earthen vibes. After all, a suave juxtaposition of polished precious metal nestled against woody, natural elements communicates elegance.

We’ve pulled together our favorite natural jewelry packaging to reflect elements of earth, fire, water, and air in your branding


Earth-Inspired Jewelry Packaging

A solid, classic element, you’ll want to keep this Earth-inspired natural jewelry packaging around for a while. From cork to timber grain to deep green velvet reminiscent of mossy stone, these texturized ring boxes make your brand feel robust and dependable.

Water-Inspired Jewelry Packaging

Look to these aqua-inspired natural jewelry packaging options for a fluid, dreamy boost for your jewelry! Choose aquatic teals to deliver a balanced and harmonious presentation. These tones express whimsical flair while maintaining universal appeal to your shoppers.

Fiery Jewelry Packaging

If you’re looking for a burst of playfulness and energy, dare to play with fire. These red-hot collections are eye-catching and burn with desire. Try these fiery packaging options for a warm jewelry showcase.

Airy Jewelry Packaging

Each time we breathe, our bodies know the life-giving power of the air. Is it any wonder that packaging with an airy theme may prove to be the most vital? Neutral and adaptable, these air-inspired pieces give a relaxing and endlessly-inspiring presence to your collection.

Don’t forget, Stuller puts Earth first

Wondering where we stand? Stuller has a company-wide commitment to sustainability, and we’ve earned the SCS Certification verifying that 100% of our gold, silver, platinum, and palladium comes from recycled sources. We manufacture our complete line of fabricated metals using 100% recycled metals and hold our vendors to the same high standards. We would reconsider our relationship with any supplier if we became aware they violated any environmental laws or contradicted our social commitment, and you should too!


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Does your packaging have a natural feel? Let us know your environmental stance in the comments below. Happy Earth Day!


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