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National Watch Day June 19th

National Watch Day Stuller

It’s National Watch Day tomorrow and to celebrate, Stuller has special pricing on watch bands!

Since the rise of smart watches and smartphones, more people are wearing watches than ever! Stuller’s selection of watch bands can help bring watches back into style for you and your customers. Offer your clients multiple band options, replacement batteries, and even watch repair services in your store. Stuller also wants to help you add to your selection by offering 10% off all watch bands from June 18th – June 20th!

A Watch Band for Any Occasion

Stuller is happy to be able to offer you a wide variety of watch bands. With over 1,200 style possibilities based on sizing, materials, and colors, we’re confident that you’ll be able to create any styles your buyer wants. We offer watch bands in six different categories: exotic leather, genuine leather, metal, NATO®, performance, and smart watch bands.

The Brown Leather Saddle Padded Watch Band (11302181) is a leather option created with a water-resistant lining, steel nickel-free buckles, and reinforced lug and buckle end. Perfect for an everyday watch band as well as a modern twist on a timeless leather band.

We also offer bands that are compatible with multiple variations of smart watches. These options allow for complete customization of your favorite smart watch for whatever event or trade you may use it in. This band is the Stainless Metal Mesh Smart Watch Band (59-0143). We also offer smart watch bands in multiple different colors and materials like silicone and leather. 

Finally, I want to show off one of Stuller’s metal band options. Here we have the Stainless Multi-End Piece Link Band (59-0111); however, your client can customize it by choosing between various types of metals. With the adjustable links, you can also determine how fitted the band will be on your client. These classic bands are perfect for everyday wear as well as taking them out for special occasions. With multiple different metal options to choose from, you can pair it with anything.  

Learn About Watch Repairs

With the purchase of watch bands, Stuller also offers Renata and Energizer watch batteries and watch repair kits that you can purchase simultaneously. Ensure that you are always ready to help your client with any problem they may have with their products, whether they require a new battery or need adjustments for their watch. Not confident in your watch repair skills? We have you covered with our Watch Repair Educational books to help answer any questions you may have and assist you in repairing your client’s pieces. Stuller wants you to feel prepared when offering these services and products to your customers. 

Let us help you to grow your business by offering new products and services to your customers. And don’t forget about the 10% sale on all watch bands this weekend and shop the selection now! Make sure that your customers, as well as yourself, get to celebrate this holiday in a timely fashion. 

Words by Julianne Llewellyn, Staff Writer


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